Thursday, March 6, 2014

Magick at the Ends of Empire:Part I - Causes and Conditions

My Dear Friend,

Right now I am sitting in my dining room, listening to Melody Gardot's "Your Heart is Black as Night", and having a good think. I started writing this letter days ago, but never finished it. I would use life stuff as an excuse, as if we didn't all have lives that took up our time. I'm compulsively concerned with wasting time lately.

I know I go on often about us living in strange and interesting times, but I don't often elaborate. I've entrusted Gordon to do that for me. (And by entrusted, I mean he was doing that anyway, so why should I add my own pedestrian two cents?)

I was thumbing through "Magick Without Tears" the other day and musing on the life and works of the TGB. Meddling, it seems, falls under the purview of Wizards. We can jenga Fate, we can tilt the wheel, we can find the Red Queen more often than not. I've been wondering what we've been doing with all of our vaunted prowess.

An associate of mine proudly quotes that all he wants our of Magick is "Unfair Advantage", and as an honest answer, I can respect that. There however seems to be a certain lack of social responsibility there. Enlightened self interest when carried to its logical conclusion must end in some kind of civic duty, as no person is an island.

For ultimate good or ill, at least TGB tried. He lived by his principles and did so quite to the end of his rather eventful life. Globe hopping, game of thrones-ing. It all sounds rather glamorous, and if we are keeping score he did do a decent job of influencing movers and shakers to great effect.

Is this the Aeon of Horus that he wanted? Probably not. Not with less freedom, more restriction, and more surveillance. However we are where we are. Now the big question is what do we do about it?

We can do what we've done: meet in back alleys and in basements. Set up in field and festival. Join hands and try to levitate the pentagon. Unless our efforts are spilling out into the greater field of activity, they aren't strong enough to survive the current of the world as it is, and the world as it is, is incredibly broken. If all we are going to do is fiddle while the world burns, then we better be cranking out a masterpiece.

"For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places." -St. Paul - Also one of the many reasons he was favored by many Gnostic sects.

Whatever powers and principalities run the world don't like random pieces on the board. Things need to go as planned. Except the plan is terrible. Whatever horrible game of global realpolitik is going on depends on distraction. It's a slight of mind trick. Three card monty with the pot being the life of the planet. ("Aviary", by Ego Likeness just came on, btw)

We don't see the hands that pull the strings. An Alchemist I greatly admire once said to me in passing that the greatest enemies that humanity faces are invisible in one form or another. He isn't wrong. The Path is Cash and Prizes. The Path is Self Development. The Path is carving the future. If we don't others will for us.

I've said before that the world is an interesting place. Both good and bad. And I worry for us. I worry for you. (It's how I show Love, Dear. ) Because without action, nothing changes. What are we to do in a world that is at once out of control, and at the same time set completely with control mechanism after control mechanism? Some might worry about disturbing the balance of things, but to be frank, the balance is already disturbed, and the scales are doing a jig trying to find equilibrium. Remember last letter where I spoke of Indra the Adamantine? This is not Indra's order. This is the consequence of a dire corruption. This is dangerous time, and the world sickens because of the deeds done, and looks for a remedy.

It will take more than prayer and spellwork. It will take more than just you or I being amazing. (Who are we kidding, we are already far more than amazing, darling. ) It's going to take action, and before that it will take community. It doesn't have to involve masturbation and costumes, (later then.) but there does need to be a conversation, and whats more, connection. Without connection old ties fall apart. Without connection we stay silent, or scream lonely at the ether.

There is a lot to think of for both of us, because agree or not, something needs doing.

"Save Your Serpent" just came on, and I am tired. I think it's time to call it a night.

I hope you are well, look out for yourself, and stay safe,

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