Thursday, February 13, 2014

Catching Up..

My Dear Friend,

I've gone a bit off book lately. I know there are a few blogs that manage to stay on message AND interesting at the same time, and mine has not been one of them. What's a boy to do? Well.. wine helps.

I've decided that I'm making this more of a love letter, an intimate sharing among friends, rather than screaming at the internet. I figure if I am talking to you, instead of yelling out the window, it may pique your interest more. It's not that I am pandering for an audience (though it is nice to be appreciated, Dear.), because these letters will be here weather you read them or not. It's more about finding your voice, and voices change over time. This is my latest iteration.

Let's catch up. Since we've last talked I've made a career shift into managing a sales team and running a clinic. It's much different than simply being your friendly neighborhood bodyworker/healer. Many mantras, a lot of hard negotiations, and a few difficult days later to get it. I do wish I did a bit more prep on myself before I got there, but here we are. You get what you worked for and now you must manage it. Getting your spot in the future is a lot like buying your own home: you never realize how much work it truly is until you get there.

Don't worry, I won't be beating my breast and lamenting my successes too hard. It's just a change, and all changes need a period of adjustment. All caterpillars to butterflies. All that dissolves, reforms.

I've been focusing on my Alchemy lately. Combining all I have under that umbrella, as for me it blends all things and makes them whole. It's been slow work, even with such a heated calcination, one must be careful not to crack after all. If you choose to tread the Royal Road, please be aware that your outer world will twist to shape your inner work. In some ways it would be easier to contain it all in a simple crucible. But when you are the materia the world is your athanoor.

And keep in mind as the heat of your Tapas gains notice, obstacles will be put in your path. The world wants to crack your vessel and steal your work. Steel yourself! Remove those blockages or outwit them. As I found out to my detriment, an ounce of preparation is worth a pound of cure. Indra sends His minions to restore blessed order. Persevere. I'm not saying the world is out to get you. I am saying the world resists large jumps of progress. The world resists inertia until you have enough inertia to move the world. Too many movers rips things up, causes too much Chaos. You can't especially blame Indra the Ever Bright, Indra of the Blinding Magnificence. He just doesn't want to see too many fires raging out of control. It disrupts the flow of things, and I can appreciate that.

Speaking of the Order of things lately, Interesting times, eh? It's like the world is playing a strange combination of Russian roulette and combined with three card Monty. That needs another full letter; too much to go into here.

In other news: I've obtained a find copy of The Hermetic Garden, and have enjoyed its study dearly. We can go over that at length in my next letter unless other matters are more pressing.

Anyway, I've talked enough, please, tell me about you!

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