Monday, August 5, 2013

The Archaic Conversation: What Makes A Wizard

Let's play Conversation Parade.
It's strange.. a thing may be happening in this corner of the interblag. It's called a conversation. I know.. I know you might not remember it. It's this thing where two more more people engage verbally on a subject of choice and exchange ideas and opinions.

These things happen in a wave form. In fact there haven't been a lot of real conversations lately, so I am prematurely excited about this novel development. The stars may not have been right till just about now. Many of us have been wrapped up in our own triumphs, tragedies, and conspiracies, but now.. we seem to be connecting. (If you can't tell, I am whispering to you, because I don't want to scare this rare creature away.)

There is a theme emerging, a topic. An old topic. Where do Wizards fit? What makes the genuine article?

Gordon is showing the picture of the traditional Wizard. A person of power in high places, advising crown'd heads and leaders of industry. A time honored tradition of meddling in the affairs of the world. Quietly. Occulted. They don't have blogs, (except Dan O'Halloran who will be writing for Pagan Square) they don't sell books, they quietly meddle off the radar.

Arguably, the last public Wizard in the west, was our dear Handsome Jack Parsons. A bit more recently we have the famed Ki Jokobodo (a dated video, I know, but most vids of him are not in English.) in Indonesia, where a talented Sorcerer and Salesman can apparently have a fleet of luxury cars, a castle on a cave complex that looks like a Hammer Horror movie set, and an exhausting amount of concubines. Here however, you have to keep a bit of a cover, apparently.

For my money, I don't think the Tutelary God of the Witches, the Man in Black, sharing a title with other spooktacular MIB's is a coincidence. More of a synchronicity. Secrecy is a virtue.

Jason reserves the title of Wizard for those folks who can accomplish the spectacular. As he pointed out in a recent post, if you can fly, shit gold, and otherwise alter the fundamental laws of reality, you are the real deal. Sorcerer for the rest of us, but that is no small feat either. It takes lots of work, practice, and sacrifice. Then comes the application phase where you see how your kung fu does on the street, and off the mat.

Poisoners and Princes, Scientists and Scoundrels, what exactly are we doing? Practitioners come from all walks of life, and all strata of privilege and oppression. What are we doing? What are YOU doing? What are you changing? IS anything changing?

I will never begrudge someone honest success, but we must be honest about our successes and the things that did not go as planned. We can show whatever we like to the outside world, and we don't have to bleed all over the internet, but we must always be honest with ourselves. Hubris creeps in when honesty is absent.

The world.. is a terrible place most times. If you think otherwise I posit you are either far more evolved than I am spiritually, or you aren't looking at the facts of the case. Terrible as in inspiring terror. Not categorically bad, just really really scary. And for the immediate future things look generally pretty grim.

The good news and the bad news are the same: There will not be a happy ending. Because there will not be an ending. Unless every messiah EVER is about to come back to save us at our darkest hour, (or you know.. call the eagles) there will honestly be no one coming. We must work out our own salvation with fear and trembling.

In fairy tales "Happily Ever After" is kind of a catch all phrase that means more, "The exciting parts are over, and the rest is daily like crap that no one is interested in, now go to sleep." For us, we are living in interesting times. Double interesting if you are dealing with the subtle beings and forces that make up the substance of mind and matter.

A line from the video that Gordon had posted struck me to the core: "..If you look into his eyes, through the medium of television or newspaper photographs, you see a certain type of vacancy there. Rhetoric, after all, is just rhetoric; beneath it lies an empty person. He’s chic, he’s poised, and in a spiritual sense he stands for nothing at all. ... The man is a shell; he lacks an inner moral compass, which is why Wall Street and the Pentagon and the National Security Agency were able to seduce him so easily. Since he is an empty vessel, he was quickly filled up with the agendas of the wealthy and the powerful, such that even genocide is now part of his own agenda."

"Of course, the type of vacancy I’m talking about can also be seen in the eyes of Mr. Clinton, Bush Jr. and Sr., or Mitt Romney—remember him?—who was little more than a walking haircut, and one of the emptiest individuals to have ever graced the American political stage. But what does it mean, that the American people want “hollow men,” as T.S. Eliot once put it, to represent them?" Morris Berman - In Praise of Shadows

A bit harsh, but I can't think of a single American politician who has made it to the national level that this cannot be applied to. The hollowness of a sock puppet vs the Emptiness of the Siddha. The process itself of acting globally seems to just take the stuffing out of people, because they must contend and barter with forces far larger than they.

Ever wonder why I strong inner life and stable family was a prerequisite for traditional QBL study? Well there you go.

What fills you? What moves you? What are you doing? What are we even DOING here?

"I do this because I am called to it, because I can do no other." is an answer that I would
"When you do things right, people won't be sure if you've
done anything at all." -God Entity
embarrassingly give when I was much younger. It's an answer to the Why of occultism. It's also an over dramatic way of saying, "I think this is really cool, and I am kind of a nerd so I am already used to being socially marginalized."

The question "What are you doing?" is much meatier, and much more telling. Are you being a Wizard, or are you essentially just dressing up and waving objects about? It tells of your priorities. What practical work you are doing shows what you are stuffed with. It is very difficult for an action to lie. What are you doing, shows us WHY you are doing it.

What are you stuffed with? What are you doing? Once you know what you are doing, it is much easier to find a place to fit. Don't worry I'll be asking myself the same questions.

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