Friday, November 2, 2012

In Gratitude

Well, it's been a time. As many of you may know, the eastern shore of the Americas was hit but a colossal storm named Sandy. The day before she hit I left work early, and sped home chanting mantras to Ganesha for a swift and safe ride home.

The day of, Sandy beat us down. We will be recovering from this for a long time. Luckily, Our Burrow (our condo) is strategically positioned in the back of the building, away from trees, and our whole neighborhood has underground power and gas lines.

Still, I made offerings and prayers to Hermes, Zeus Sky King, I asked Sandy herself to pass us by in peace, and all through the storm I was half across the veil, trying to calm the winds as best I could. Locally, things went well. Coast wide not so much.

The day after, Halloween, there are still brawls at 2 mile long fuel lines, curfews, and widespread suffering  in our part of the state we were not hit as hard as the shore, and the Burrows of New York. I made more offerings and prayers for friends, and family, for Deb and A. sitting on a fuel line in the hopes that there would still be some there when they arrived. A special thanks to Zeus/Jupiter, Hermes, and Dis Pater for their aid.

On November first, I waited for two hours for one tank of fuel. There are police at most of them now to prevent brawls. My boss in that particular job was very kind, and allowed me to go during a work day, so there would be some fuel left. My other job is closed until further notice.

We hosted some friends, let folks charge up phones and laptops, and the use of our internet which would pop in and out periodically. Due to the gas situation we did little exploring of the wreckage.

I am grateful for what we have, and what we've been spared, but it is still really bad.

I hope that all of you are well, and it is my hope that things get better soon. 

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