Friday, June 8, 2012

Note on Lucid Dreaming Experiements

Since I am a weirdo, and I insist that once can and should be practicing every moment of every day. (When that shit happens effortlessly, Thorn calls it Adepthood. A good definition of the word, IMO) I have been experimenting with lucid dreaming.

My outside research has been "Between the Gates" by Mark Stavish, Dream Yoga and the "Practice of Natural Light" by Norbu Rinpoche, and "The Tibetan Yogas of Dream and Sleep" by Wangyal Rinpoche, as well as my own practiced ingenium, as well as private teachings from some very talented dream walkers.

It's been a fun practice of failing better.

For any sort of dream walking or even recall I have found it immensely helpful to have a good diet, along with a stomach that is not full and not empty. In general, as strong and as healthy a body as you can, along with a well nourished vital spirit, (Nephesh, Fetch, Ka)  and a calm and open conscious mind (Ruach, Talker, Ba). A weak vital spirit will lend itself to forgetfulness. A weak self awareness will lend itself to non lucidity.

Prayer, intent, and clear subtle channels are also fantastically helpful. Lucidity sometimes just happens if you are pre disposed to it, but to really harvest it, you have to plant it.

Lucid dreaming has proven useful in harvesting deep Karmas. Seeded through out your selves are a multitude of Karmic complexes which make up you as you know you. There are ones that are blooming now, dying off, or even multiplying themselves depending on how much energy and attention you give them. Lucid dreaming can help you work through some of the more troubling ones in a very versatile environment, and sometimes and projection of the environment in which they first arose.

Now why the hell would you want to do that? Why not just let sleeping dogs lay? Because those hard, seeded, tough bits of karmic conditioning are full of life energy that you could be using for something else. Also, they could be making you absolutely miserable, or predisposing you to do shit you don't want to do.

Also, being able to access larger amounts of your Lunar consciousness, your Dream Mind, makes Magic, frankly easier. Your Sunny conscious mind can totally muck up the works by letting pesky logic, and the opinions of others get into the way. What is, and is not possible. Your Lunar consciousness has a child like curiosity, and no sense of boundaries, thus it is more likely to do what others might see as impossible.

Now add in the Lucid aspect of the dreaming and you are much less likely to be taken for a ride, or trapped in a cocoon of your own fantasies. Many people dream wrapped in a caul of their own mind-stuff. It keeps them safe, but insulated. Lucidity gives you control, and eventually gives you the ability to willingly wander from home base, into world of endless wonder. After which you come back to home base and wake the hell up. Lucidity keeps you from crossing the streams, and having that problem of "Confusing the planes" of which some Victorian occultists spoke.

Also, if you wake up more lucid, you tend to be more lucid while awake, and less run by Karma and conditioning.

I wish I had a snappy ending to this, but honestly, it's just some notes. Your mileage may vary. 


Rufus Opus said...

Neat stuff! I think astral travel and lucid dreaming are the weakest areas of modern hermetic-based ceremonial magic teachings, and not because there isn't info available in the source texts. It's like there's some kind of newage stigma attached. The hoity toity CM "would never deign to travel the sphere of the Moooooooon," or some shit.

Christopher Bradford said...

This is what I'm talking bout! Great post! Folk are neglecting the dream-walking...its crazy.

Andrew B. Watt said...

I've been trying the "Am I dreaming now?" pattern, of asking one's self occasionally if this is a moment that one is dreaming or living, and noticing the results. It's been extremely helpful actually in improving my ability to recollect dreams. So has two sleeps... but of course, because it's the end of the school year and there's mad crazy deadlines looming and too much to do, my sleep patterns, my eating habits, and my working life has be all kinds of bad juju. I even almost missed my window to do some pre-Jupiter-in-Gemini work, and had to get up REALLY early this morning to rectify that.

Mark Stavish is great. Between the Gates has some awesome exercises in it. I also enjoyed his work on freemasonry, though, that has a grand geometric proof by John Michael Greer in it as well.

I've never heard your definition of adepthood before, but I like it immensely. It feels right.

Anonymous said...

Great thoughts in this post. I particularly resonated with: "Many people dream wrapped in a caul of their own mind-stuff. It keeps them safe, but insulated". That explains what I do sometimes when I go to sleep, create a cocoon of sorts.