Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Ghosts are All the Rage

As I sit here, recovering from some sort of virulent sinus infection, while watching Bobby Flay make a prime rib on ye olde grille, my thoughts turn to making the best out of a less than great situation.

In one of my jobs, there is a room, the dreaded room 3, that is in fact haunted. At least home to some "negative vibrations". If you are a little bit awake, you will feel it. If you aren't you will just leave the room in a worse mood, filled with unpleasant thoughts, then when you entered.

Since I had no idea what was really going on there, if we built over something's home, if it was a group home for the troubled, a dueling ground.. whatever. No banishings were done, but peace offerings were made. To be honest, I actually enjoy working in that room.

If you are stuck in a place of mild to moderate negativity that you can't or won't banish, or are feeling crazy brave enough to seek such places out, there are ways that you can turn this to your advantage.

Beings steeped in negativity, or places that gather such energy can be incredibly useful. If you are forced to be exposed to these things (or if you are brave/talented/crazy enough to willingly expose yourself to them) one thing you can do is allow the negativity that these beings eat, exude and live in to trigger long latent karmas that will arise as physical sensations, emotions, and streams of thought. You can, if you choose, allow these things to rise to the surface, take a light root, and then mentally/emotionally back away, dwell in emptiness (and if  you are really slick, compassion as well!) and allow themselves to burn out. Offer the residue burning off as food for them with an attitude of Love. This can and will free up more and more life force to use as you choose.

This also helps the Dead as honestly, they are held together by their complexes and patterns. Both feeding them and offering them some much needed compassion.

This is difficult and dangerous. If you let these things go for too long, those long dormant karmic seeds will indeed bloom, but then make seeds of a like nature and deposit them deep into your karmic sheath. This could make your issues and complexes much much worse.

It's the same process of karmic propagation that happens all the time in your life, but rapid fire, all at once.

If you going to attempt this process, I would start small. Minor level haunts. To give you some scale, an active grave yard would be a moderate level haunt. Asylums, and abandoned graveyards would be next up, then Battle grounds, Ground Zero, Hiroshima,  and then places of true horror like Dachau.

Start small. Start very small.

As RO said in his most recent post, Ghosts are everywhere. We don't really lay them to rest anymore. It's to such a state as I work privately as a psychopomp for my family's dead, making sure they get to the heavens or ancestral halls they need. Otherwise they just roam about, and may fall in with a bad crowd. (No, seriously.. this shit happens.)

We don't take care of them anymore as a culture. This is mind boggling sad. It's one of the reasons (as RO pointed out) that they are EVERYWHERE. As someone who has been across the shroud once, dying is scary shit. Especially if you are unprepared. Keep in mind that MOST people are unprepared. After that shock, if they have no place to go, they tend to hang around family and places of familiarity, at which time they are usually ignored. If you are a Practitioner for any decent length of time, they will also tend to hang around YOU, because you my friend, are a literal beacon of Light to them.

As Practitioners we have a responsibility to our Living communities, our Gods, our Land, and our Dead. Feeding the Dead is part of our Fate, and they need feeding often, otherwise its a slow decay into a second and final death. Yes, parts of them move on to the next round, but those bits that are left are no less our loved ones, and they are scared, and alone, and starving.

In the cases of those much more haunted places, those Intranquil Dead who fuck shit up, ruin lives, and live their own lives in a state of madness and misery.. our burden changes into protecting the living and laying them to a peaceful rest.


John said...

What's a lightroot?

Mr. J. said...

When a thought lightly roots into your mind stream. Basically when some bit of unconscious mental/emotional substance just becomes conscious as a day dream or a line of thinking.

Anonymous said...

I'd add that it takes a little work to transform your own ancestors from hungry and scared to shining and powerful. Emphasis on "a little work": some incense and some occasional prayers are a good start. A slice off an apple or a burger flipped off the grill into the woods with some words of dedication also work. Photographs and paintings — even your own paintings of people you've never met — can help bring your ancestors wealth and prosperity and honor.

Oh, and there was an artIcle Gordon linked to a while back: teaching your kids to think about their own ancestors could help them do better on tests and quizzes and suck like, and helps you do better as a worker and as a family member. Why not do ancestor work as a way of starting small? They need your help and they'll help you back, too.

Anonymous said...

Let's see if this works better on my desktop computer than on my mobile phone.

I'd add that working with your own ancestors in the safety and comfort of your own home and your own ritual space is a great way to start. I'd been putting it off, and putting it off, and between this post, and Frater RO's, I was having a hard time avoiding it any longer. The initial experience was awful... tears and snot like you wouldn't believe. But once the ancestors were fed and not ravenous and cold and lonely, it was ... spectacularly lovely.

They want to be on your side. Opening the way for them to cross over is critical, yes... but at least some of them will see you as an someone to help in the here and now. And their help is most welcome.