Sunday, June 17, 2012

Five Things Meme pt 1: Giving the HGA Some Space

Jumping on the band wagon where Gordon,  Jason, and RO left off, I thought I'd try my hand at dreaded Five Things, especially since we had a decently long conversation about it at the Shen Party. In the spirit of full disclosure and honesty, I have never done Samekh, or Abramelin, or any of the variants by the book. Do I think that I have had contact with my HGA? Yeah. Possibly. Do I work with Xer on the regular? Yeah. Possibly. Do I do it in the traditional context of the rites and protocols of the Grande Olde Traditione? No. This is just me trouble shooting the traditional concept. Please be forewarned, I have strong opinions.

*Disclaimer: Anyone who has actually pulled off the Operation has my respect. It is a trial by fire, and it takes guts and willpower to accomplish. This is not directed towards specific people. Just because I can't understand why someone does something, does not make that thing less impressive.*

First, the HGA is kind of a nebulous concept in modern occultism.That is why I answered "Yeah. Possibly." to the questions above. I have heard it described as your Higher Self, as the western equivilant of the "God on your Head" in the ATRs, as a specific Celestial Emmisary, as your Enlightened Future Self, as the Perfected Divine Facet from which you radiate, and as crap I can't even remember right now. Maybe the HGA is all of that.. or none of it. Honestly, my pet theory is that the view and the path of dealing with the HGA phenominon helps determine what fruit you get out of it. I dislike the inexactness of the terms involved. HGA is a term so nebulous as to be almost useless, because it, in my experience, has always meant different things to different people. So much argument, navel gazing, and bullshit crops up over the term itself, that the term itself becomes an obstacle!

Another big peeve is with the Abramelin Operation itself. As a spiritual practice it's quite neat, but in modern times I think it is a bit of a test of Wisdom weather or not to undertake the damn thing at all. If you are going to do it, then by all means do it, but please please please READ THE WARNING LABEL!

All through out the working, as well as reading the works of those who have undertaken it, it is obvious that you will be fucked with in some pretty spectacular ways. For me, it was best stated in "After the Angel" by Marcus Katz, "If you are close to anyone and do not want to risk that relationship, do not undertake the Abramelin. It has to be performed when you seriously have “nothing to lose”. Not just close to anyone, but fond of your job, your house.. anything at all really, because it all, apparently gets put in jeopardy. Katz to his great credit, did get his wife's informed consent, and was honestly a good householder all the way through, but it was a heroic struggle.

Shaking up ones own inner ant farm is fine as it goes, but to jeopardize your home, family, and friends is at best thoughtlessness of an EPIC scale, and at worst utter and complete selfishness. It is why Abraham instructed his  son to have all his financial ducks in a row to the point where he doesn't have to work or do anything but the operation for about a year. That is a minimum of kindness, as maybe his wife and children would have liked to see him, converse with him, and be a family during that time. You know.. little things like that.

I can understand this being a "minimum safe distance" protocol as eventually you will start summoning the princes of Hell, and binding them to oath.. which they apparently do not at all enjoy. I would not enjoy it either.

Another reason I dislike it as a working is the predicted success ratio: 1 or 2 out of 100. That is balls my friends. Call me a spiritual bottom feeder, but I want a return on my investment. If I am laying my life, family, and sanity on the line I want more than a snowballs chance in hell of actually achieving it. It's why I dig Tantric style practice so much. Terrible shit can happen, but there is a clear return on your investment.

Also if I am risking EVERYTHING in my life, I want a return at least equal to what I put in. If the risk is no home, no family, no job, and no sanity, I want the literal cash and prizes at the end of the book. I want my ass to fly, be invisible, demolish city walls, and have all the powers of a living God on earth. If I risk everything material, and human in my life, my whole material life's work,  in an epic gambit for spiritual power and success, I want an epic reward. I do not want something that is "really useful". Also, I do not want it to be a product of some spirits I've bound into servitude. I want that shit to be MINE.

This is quintuple the case if what i want is a Mystic Union type experience. There are easier, safer, quicker less expensive, and more trustworthy ways of getting that.

Also, the working highlights a problem with Celestial spirits. That problem is, that they are Celestial. They are alien to our experience. This can be problematic when said spirit is re arranging your life, and putting your feet to the fire.

That is why I have no plans of doing Abramelin, or Samekh, or any of them. Ever. Not even if I lose everything of value in my life. I would rather work on living my life. Because my life, and the people in it, are worth more to me, than success in the operation. 

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Lonnie said...

Best post on the HGA I've read. I can't argue with any of it. Nor would I. You said it best. I'm more interested in living my life and getting results.

Great post, Jow!