Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Blessing of Other Practitioners

The Invisible College in its steam
powered roving castle.
Since the glorious event of our meeting with Jason and Gordon, and then spending some time discussing this upcoming midsummer Ritual at GoG with our Senior Druid, I have just been struck at the absolute blessing of meeting other practitioners face to face.

There was no heavy duty tech sharing. No huge elaborate workings. Just presence. Pure and simple.

Casual conversation, and the exchange of energy in just simple, honest meeting is nothing short of a blessing.

Jason and Gordon already covered some of the high points, some of which will have their own posts here, but even the mundane interaction allows for a camaraderie and peace that there aren't words for.

I very much look forward to doing it again, if a bit lower key.

Also, now ya'll know what our kitchen and pot rack look like! Note how it is hung for hobbit sized people like myself. Poor, tall, human sized everyone else.

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