Monday, April 30, 2012

In His Image: Living Mythically Pt II

I was reading a back post of Jack's about Mr VI being the hanged man. It got me thinking. The difference between having your Practice a part time gig and one that is integrated into your life is integrating the mythic framework of your Practice INTO your life.

When you can see the Gods, Angels, Whatevers into your life on the daily you can interact with them fairly easily in a myriad of ways. In a previous post on every day Magic, I went into a little detail about how that can shake out in your normal walking around life.

In retrospect, I realize I was tangled in my Fate for a long, long time. I didn't have access to a lot of high level teachers or gurus, but I was pretty much forged into the image of the Witches God at an early age. Let's go down the check list:

First born Son
Lame (from an accident as a child)
Sharp Toothed (most of mine naturally come to points)
Dead and Risen (From the same accident. Not a "full" death but very, very near it.)
Crooked Nosed
Harrowed (a childhood full of bullying and abuse)
Born on ye Olde Longest Night (Feast of Saint Lucy)
Adept at Women's Work (I can cook, sweep, and spin thread)
A natural talent and predisposition for the Mysteries
Not content with false boundaries or rules
Would say weird and cryptic shit for literally longer than I can remember.
My Father was a lame metal worker who raised dogs and birds
My Mother is essentially a Maenad. ("My religion is the earth and everything on it. The Earth gives me everything I need, and I try to take care of her.")
I used to daydream about being the child of the Lord of the Underworld

And on and on...

I was blessed/fucked from the get go. All of my divinations bear this out as well. Things go well if you follow your Star. Things go poorly and you are miserable even if they don't if you do not.

Now, half of this is seeing the mythological context of Life. Not just your life, but ALL of Life. The other half is being grounded enough to act on this in a practical way. We have all met those Practitioners who cannot tell where the divide is between the numinous and the normal. As a Seeker we tend towards the normal. It's only natural, that if you were not naturally gifted or thrown in to the numinous that you would favor the side of reality that with which you are most familiar. Once a Seeker finds what they are looking for the natural urge for many is to dive head first into the wonderful world of Wyrd.

Trance at every opportunity. Ritual as much as possible. Reading becomes a string of arcane texts and ancient tomes.. or comics. Pagan altar sprawl ERUPTS and consumes every horizontal surface in your house! And some.. don't come back. Barely one foot in the world of the living, they bloom in the Otherworld and wilt in this one. The modern western world does not leave much room for the God-Intoxicated Wanderer, or the Mad Prophetess.

And there is nothing wrong with those professions! Ancient cultures had a place to parse those with that calling, and the modern less so. Granted, those ancient cultures also views them as strange people best avoided, but also as a valuable asset to the community to be kept waaaaay over there.

For the rest of us, there needs to be balance. You cannot ignore either world, and must tend to duties in both, which is honestly a drag sometimes. It isn't just about time management. It is about integration. Like the toad, one must be at home in both worlds, and a good citizen of both.

Part of that balance, part of that citizenship is finding where you fit in the mix. Which is both hard, and easy. What are you natural inclinations? Does your life follow a particular mythic thread? Our Myths aren't just stories. Our Myths aren't just stories that are always true. Our Myths are stories that are always happening. They are happening right now, to you, to the world, over and over again. Always changing, always the same.

Your first step in living Mythically, in setting one foot, one hand, one eye, in each world, is looking around you and seeing where you are tangled in the Wyrd, and then truely taking your place.

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