Friday, March 23, 2012

Unintentional Magics

What did this person do, that they need that
much protection, hmm? *
This post is the result of another bout of illness (you'd think They were trying to tell me something..), a frightfully bad week, and a conversation I saw between Vinay Gupta and Alan Chapman.

It's twenty minutes long, so I shall quote the relevant passage: "Indians don't want to go to see gurus generally speaking unless they have terrible personal problems or a burning desire to get enlightened immediately; otherwise you stay away from those guys because they are crazy."

Guru's were/are scary. All Practitioners are. We fuck shit up. It's part of the job. It's one of the reasons for being a Secret Squirrel about your practices in the West. Usually a rational modern person wouldn't be suspicious of a co worker putting the eye on them, but if they find out what you do in the dark.. they might, because it isn't rational. It speaks to parts of us that aren't rational. It hits us in our viscera and bones; it bypasses our rational mind and hits something far more primal. Just activating that sense of the primal Mythic at all in someone can trigger a fear response, let alone giving them a reason to be afraid. That is one of the reasons why Gurus were/are both respected and feared culturally, because if you annoy them, if they are having a bad day, their annoyance can cause harm to passers by. Honestly, I think this is a generally good thing, because it teaches us the necessity of presence, awareness, and control. This is true both for our inner lives, and for any exterior action taken.

Crowley, in "Magick Without Tears" had written about the beginning phases of the Magical journey, where all these things start to fall in to place, tools appear, books fall in your lap, inspiration blares from the radio, and clouds form the exact hexagram you needed to see that day. He reckoned it was due to in most part of not having the vessel of ones self properly sealed, and thus ones own Power was leaking out everywhere, and fulfilling desires willy-nilly. My own theory this is in part to all those banishings done in Thelemic/GD work in the beginning. You are building power like the hoover dam. Also, I think the Guardians of the Tradition tend to have a lot of compassion for the beginner, just like anyone would for a child.

An average Sicilian Grandmother?
(Taken from an Italian Newspaper)
If your average Sicilian Grandmother can cast malocchio strong enough that there are rituals to defend against it, how much more will the raw emotions of someone who Practices their Art on the regular?

Your emotions and thoughts carry more weight than average, and as a result one must be careful upon which thoughts and emotions you fixate. You bend the Wyrd by walking it, and the whole Tapestry bends a little bit with your steps. Take care where you step.

As mentioned I had a very bad week full of upheaval, sickness, and exhaustion. As such I was not as emotionally centered as I usually am. Some of this has to do with some work I am doing shaking up my inner ant farm, and some of this was just the congealed aggro of what has been both a trying and rewarding year, so far. It got to the point where those closest to me were being negatively impacted by my own slow spiral.

What is one to do? Yoke your horses. Put them to Work! It could be a one shot working of it's own to bind or destroy obstacles. It could be Power sent to a spell already constantly running. It could be transformed into weapons and used as an offering to the Guardian spirits of Land and Home. It could be separated, cooked down, and made into medicine.

Whenever Power swells in you, it WILL be used, consciously or unconsciously. You may as well use it to further your ends, rather than it leaking out and possibly working against them.

*Alternate caption to the first picture: "Paranoia: It only takes being right once to make the whole thing worth while."

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