Monday, February 20, 2012

Every Day Magic: Living Mythically Pt. I

In my day job I am occasionally handed small fist fulls of cash as gratuity. This is natural in a service based business, but sometimes you stumble on something really cool in the process.

There have been book recommendations, and the occasional hand written note. There have been silver certificate bills (back when you could go to a bank and request the dollar amount in silver), and golden Sacajawea dollars. There has been the occasional envelope full of change, and one of my co workers was tipped in fresh ground buffalo meat. I've gotten exotic teas from exotic lands (usually China), and the occasional "i" dotted with a heart on some of my envelopes. Phone numbers and email addresses. Bottles of Absolut and the occasional dose of inhalant based "glaucoma medicine".

But sometimes.. Sometimes you get Magic.

In one of my latest fist fulls of cash from a client was a home made talismanic one dollar bill. Nothing fancy, a simple petition, "I wish that 2012 is less shitty." with the words, "TWO, ZERO, " over the pyramid of the All Seeing Eye, and "TWO" written over the eagle. I was excited, because not only did it look like Magic, but it FELT like Magic. The bill buzzed in my hands like it was made out of a million, billion, tiny ants. Ants that buzzed.

Of course, being bored at the time, and had a free moment I tweeted about it. Gordon and I struck up a short conversation, where he advised myself to "unfind" the bill and go "wash your hands". Honestly, I took his warning to heart, as I know myself. I would be the asshole to have my family perish of the black death, because I would take home plague rats to find out how they died. Excitable and curious is sometimes a combination that leads to unfortunate ends.

I got his tweets back while I was out grabbing a bite for lunch, so on the walk back to my clinic I simply took a small detour to the nearest cross roads. On the way there were a bunch of deflated balloons tied to signs and fences and such commemorating the opening of a pizzeria that has now been serving very greasy, very average pizza for about a year now. I grabbed a length of black ribbon from the post and proceeded to fold up my bit of found Magic, and tie it down with ribbon. By then I was at my crossroads destination where I dug a hole under a stop sign and buried my found spellwork, offering it and all blessings and curses to the Great Mother Below to use as she sees fit. As I made my offering, I saw in my minds eye, a coin purse be slit open from the bottom and a sea of coins pour out into the ground.

I will admit, I was a little bummed, because I like money. But like a good dog I went back to work and washed my hands and worked the rest of my worky day.

Then I started to get nervous, as I feared for my own money. What if those coins were MY coins? What if I just popped the bottom out of all of my finances? How will we buy food? How will we pay the mortgage?  Then I couldn't stop worrying. Couldn't stop thinking about my poor bit of paper stuck in the cold damp ground. Could not get this thing out of my head.

Then I realized what was going on. It wanted to be in circulation. It wanted to keep touching people. It wanted to keep gathering coins. It was hungry, and it did not like being bound or kept. I didn't dig it up, but I also didn't feel better till I crossed the threshold of our home. At which point I got a nice email from Gordon confirming what I had thought about said bit of simple spellwork. Knowing how to analyze dweomer is useful, but having outside confirmation tends to give me an uncommon peace of mind. Especially unbidden, and completely uncoached. It was independently thought by both of us that the spellwork involved would take good fortune from who ever had the bill, just a slice of good fortune, and give it to the sorcerer. Do I think that someone intentionally used their spellcraft score to wire that in to the working? No. I think they honestly just wanted 2012 to suck less, and that was just how the spell came to working.

After that I did a bit of purification work and abraca-pocus, all is right with the world.

Now the question: Did I serve to de-enchant the world by removing working Magic from it?

My Answer: No. I enchanted a crossroads. I knocked to She Below and got an answer. I sewed the earth to the underworld where two roads meet near a suburban strip mall. Re Enchant the world through interaction with it.

Your answer may vary.


Christopher Bradford said...

Very interesting! This kind of living interaction with the world is what magic is all about. Great post.

Gordon said...


It's never freshly ground buffalo meat, is it?

That would have been awesome. Never unfind that if it happens.

Unknown said...

You've gotta love scapegoat spells, one of the oldest cross-cultural types. Good for the caster, nasty to anyone who picks up the scapegoat piece! I think you were rather nice to the sorcerer, others might have burned it. At least it was for money and not venereal warts, lol!

Andrew B. Watt said...

I've tried leaving a comment here a couple of times, and it's not working. So I left a parallel story in my blog, at Don't know if this is going to work, but figured I'd try one more time.