Thursday, January 19, 2012

Year of the Hustle

As you may have heard, I have declared 2012 as the "Year of the Hustle". The declaration was first spouted on January Second, after it was realized on January First in a foodless, fevered, heavily medicated fugue.

The Year of the Hustle is half of a movement to start, and half of a realization of what is already there. Everyone I know is stepping up their game this year. A lot of shit is happening in all arenas, and it seems a more pivotal year than most. In America, it is an election year, with more and more right wing madness seeming more and more normal to more and more vocal sections of the country. There are the SOPA debates which will effect internet and communication greatly, which has spurred on the growing presence and action of Anonymous (whose participation was a great boon to the Arab Spring).

Jobs and the whole of the global economy is in flux, both from the rise of technology, and the poor choices of those who should have known better.

This isn't news. If you've read Gordon's blog like.. ever.. all of this would be pretty abundantly clear, that we are living in interesting times. Everything is changing.

Within instability is opportunity. Chaos is as fertile as it is dangerous. (Jai Ma!)

As the role of everything mutates this year, think of what you wish to pull from the Chaos. It's going to take hard damn work to get there, but within a climate like this, if you are canny enough, you can do it. It will be a year full of hard work, hard choices, heart ache, and triumph.

The dynamic, the leverage of power itself is shifting. Force of arms is being absorbed by money, which is being absorbed by information, which is ruled by Wisdom, Genius, and Cunning. As such, the Year of the Hustle is ruled by Hermes Mercurius, Cattle Thief, Fast Talker, Cutpurse, and Patron of merchants, sheep, and shepherd. A God, a force who finds living expression in the internet as surely as Jove finds expression in the thunderbolt.

Find your leverage, seize the year.

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