Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New Year/New You: Double Down!

On to tackling the prompts of "Relax, Don't Do It" and "Something You've Been Putting Off".

Relax, Don't Do It, was easy enough for me.. as I had a bunch of e coli to work my way through. So that took care of itself. 

Something I've been putting off was a bit harder. I generally keep my schedule packed so tightly that putting things off causes things to go horrifically awry. 

Though, I honestly found myself putting off less projects, and more approaches.. like innovation, and really reaching out past the routine and the regular to get to something truly stellar. Something I've been putting off is really stepping out of my regular routine, and innovating. Stepping out of my comfort zone, even a comfort zone of near constant work, has generally been a thing I would avoid. I would usually avoid it by doing more work.

Once a plan is in place I am a juggernaught. It's changing the plan, even a bad plan, that I tend to put off. 

Thus far I have talked to my various employers about scheduling, researched my continuing education classes, and have begun to not eat like an animal.

It's odd to think that the thing I have been putting off, was making changes generally, but that is where we were. 

Two more down, and now adding spellwork to the process is up next.

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