Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New Year, New You: Distilling the Prompts

Since Christmas was a maddening mass of family obligations, and New Years proper was a mass of sickness, I have fallen a bit behind on my participation in New Year New You as far as posting here is concerned.

A mantra that I have been koan like chanting in my head for the past two days or so has been the three questions from Babylon 5: "Who are you? What do you want? Where are you going?" To me, they are less actual questions to be answered, and more a mirror you are polishing to see what is there.

Prompt 2 Setting Goals:

Physical: Eat better, repair my temple (body), and adorn it beautifully. This may involve some wardrobe

Financial: To quote a good friend: "You don't need a pimp! Be your own pimp!" As such I am going to work hard at building my own local practice for private clients. My first step there was re evaluating the places I work, how much money I make at each, and will be scaling back one day and re organizing my schedule in order to have one day solely devoted to hustling my private work. I have an audience picked out, continuing education workshops picked out, working on branding and making myself accessible.

Also: to really do all I can to help Deb's various ventures succeed.

Also also: to start a small spiritual consulting business to serve my community. Combo village witch and traditional wizard. I don't nearly think that it will be my bread and butter. We'll see where it goes.

*Learn astrology.. finally. It's time to get the full Hermetic Trifecta complete: Alchemy, Theurgy, Astrology. Any book or course recommendations?
*Keep on keeping on the Great Work.
*Leave my tower, and use what services and products I can provide to help my community. (see how that goes along with financial up above? Stacking your goals reinforces them.)
*Build with Deb our in house practice.
*Grab me some more Feri training if possible.

*Get married! There are so many steps and plans here it would be painful to list them. Suffice to say, they are in place.
*Have Adventures: Romance and adventure go hand in hand. Vague I know, but there are shows, and a honeymoon on the horizon.
*Continue to build our Hearth together.

Them's some of my goals for the New Year, folks.

Up next: Relax, Don't Do It, and Something You've Been Putting Off.

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