Thursday, January 12, 2012

Illness and Clarity

Don't worry folks, still alive and kicking. Pushing forward on my New Year New You work, and trying to play catch up from some chronic illness crap that has been floating around since Christmas.

Illness has brought a lot of clarity, much of it in my least lucid of moments. I've spoken with the Gods and Familiars I work with, and have had a lot of time to really reflect on what I want and where I am going. The plans I had for this year have changed some, more in line with what I've found I really want and what really makes me happy.

As I've been recovering, I find myself with a renewed sense of purpose, an excess of willpower, and a much clearer head. I cleaned and organized physically, but didn't realize how much internal cleaning and organizing I had to do until it was all laid bare in a few days of fever.

Things are much clearer now, and I am glad to be back in saddle.

Next will be a barrage of New Year, New You updates, followed by crap of my own. For now, I must get back to work, and couldn't be happier. 


Jason Miller, said...

Dude, I kid you not. Now I have food poisoning. I lost six pounds in the last 24 hours running it out of bothe ends.

Jow said...

Me, Deb, and close to a dozen people between my two clinics all have had the same shit with the same symptoms.

Now we've all had a touch of e coli! Hooray!