Monday, January 2, 2012

How I Spent My New Year

You know what they say about the best laid plans of mice and men, right? Such was my New Years experience.

I work a nice half day with no problems. I get home, find some clothes, get ready to go out, and promptly throw up. Apparently I had contracted a stomach virus from a mutual friend and rode that mess out till we are where we are today.

New Years Eve was graphic and awful. I remember shivering on the couch with my dozen times emptied puke bucket by my side, while Deb very gently touching one of my feet and wishing me a happy new year. I think I managed to push my foot into her hand and croak out a reply before falling back unconscious.

I honestly do not remember New Years Day. It's just a blur of in and out of consciousness with some background noise television, and Deb being the best sick nurse ever and keeping me hydrated and even managing to choke down some toast that night.

Today I am feeling much better and managed to clean up most if not all of my germ ridden doom from around the house.

Now, some of you might feel this is an ill omen for the new year. I disagree. I think it is a very literal out with the old and in with the new. Hell, I even managed to spend most of new years day with a consciousness wavering between worlds. That's.. magical, right?

Also, it was hella motivating, because damn was that scary. I have not been that sick in about five years. In my now two days on the mend, I realize how much I may have taken for granted having good health and an able body. Hell, even how much I've taken for granted having an able mind. The past two days were not exactly the most lucid of my life.

It helped me take stock of my gifts, and all those things I dearly love and appreciate. It helped me to be motivated for the year to come. It helped me to be more kind, compassionate, and appreciative. It probably also helped me lose about 5 pounds.

Here's to starting the new year strong! I am now going to try to eat solid food. Wish me luck.


Mr Black said...

I feel your pain - I had the stomach flu as well in New Years (my siblings had it the worst) but soldiered on and got my drinks on.

Gordon said...

I agree with your analysis... and not just because I was sick for the three days over new years as well.

Deb sounds awesome. You should marry her or something.

Happy new year to you and your sick nurse!

Hanshishiro said...

Hope you're better and that you're able to eat solid food.
If it was reaaly a good omen (out with the old, in with the new) this year must be amazing for you.
Take Care
Happy New year.

Christopher Bradford said...

Hope you feel much better, and very soon! Being sick sucks ass.