Monday, December 12, 2011

New Year, New You!

Because Deb is incapable of not starting revolutions, she has brought forward a new offering in the "New Year, New You" project. There are three main things I like about this:

1. We start when it's hardest to build momentum. 

2. This time the revolution is internal. (Revolutions often involve bail money.)

3. It's equal parts Art and Science. Art tends to fizzle once the hangover ends, and science can be a lot like pushing a rock up hill with no inspiration.

Honestly, I hope it goes viral. A community of pushing hard and strong when the light is dimmest for positive self change. Which leads inevitably to positive change in the community. It is a way to re enchant the world by re enchanting yourself. 

It also plays to the main strength of our blog-o-sphere. Inspiration catches like wildfire from person to person, beating in circular waves in a web made of thought, lightening, and metal. The inspiration you give, is the inspiration you get back in turn.. only with outside insight and momentum. 

I'll be along too, a participant and community member. It is a good thing to live your Truth, and I don't mind showing the process. My own small whispers from the Language of Birds, my own readings of the Book of Nature. Hearing God(s) speak through Fiction and Fact, bring the Truth from Myth, and tapping stray words for mana to run your transformation. 

I'll be seeing you, out there.

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