Thursday, December 15, 2011

New Year/ New You: A Good Beginning.

New Year/ New You: Prompt 1: Cleaning, Cleansing and Organization.

We have a decent cleaning routine around the house to begin with, not perfect, but decent I'd say. Especially for the amount of space we have. It is harder to keep up with around the madness of the holidays, but it pays off. In fact after I finish this post, the dining room, and living room with become my next conquests!

Obviously I have been hawking my books long enough to show that I am serious about this cleaning regimen. Sometimes it was like the show, Hoarders where I just couldn't put what ever book it was in the box. I hadn't touched it in years. Hadn't finished reading it, and knew logically I never would, but I hung on for security's sake. I would waffle, but eventually it would go in the discard/donate or sell pile. Mind you I still have a colossal amount of books, but now it is manageable. As more time goes on, the weeding will continue.

There is a harder aspect to this: old habits, old relationships, old thought patterns, anything that is not of use, was never of use, and holds you back. Things that take up space. Toxic things and dead weight. Included here are old and stagnant habits in my career and general workplace, as well as mental habits that lock me into old ways of feeling/behaving/viewing the world.

Luckily, I don't seem to have any dead weight friendships or relationships. After being a nomad for so long, and a Hermit for even longer, the friends I have left, though I see them less than I like, are true friends indeed. Friendship must be more than a habit or convenience. We argue, disagree, annoy each other, but we are down for each other. Most of my social weeding was done over my Saturn Return, and made both me, and the relationships that endured both stronger, and more honest.

Clutter like that causes stagnation of Life Force, as well as stagnation of Mind. Magically, physically, and psychologically you need to clean these things out, and move stuff around. Bound Life Force becomes toxic as it stagnates. It's like holding your breath: that clean air you inhaled will be less useful if you hold on to it for about five minutes. Cleaning breaks up atrophy, and in a very real sense is freeing.


Organization is more than "a place for everything, and every thing in its place." It is having things ready when you need them. Being both where they are supposed to go, and in good repair to be of use. I honestly have some dining room chairs to glue, once I get a belt to clamp them in place.

I will also get my diaspora altar set up ready to go, a bit steadier so I can break it out and break it down at a moments notice if need be.

I think the biggest organizational project physically around the house will be the "Saga of Shpare Oom/ Work Room," as that will have many effects through out the house both physically and magically.

As far as Gods go for help, I am a big fan of Janus who is essentially the Face of Chaos (when ever Chaos wants to begin a new thing.. anything.), and was called "The First" by the Romans. Like Lord Ganesha, He was also given first offerings and place of precedence. He also rules over Time itself. Speaking of Lord Ganesha, He would be equally as awesome to have on your side during this process, especially in His role as remover of obstacles. Believe me, if you do this for real, you will find some. Also, Lady Hecate to light the way.. but honestly I work with Her for everything.. so I am extremely biased in favor of Her universal awesomeness.

Also, I have made a conscious decision to NOT play Skyrim. I feel that will greatly help me be more productive.


Anonymous said...

I admire your ability to consciously turn down playing with shiny new toys like Skyrim. How do you deal with breaking old thought patterns and stagnant habits?

Mr. J. said...

Essentially the same way for both. It's not enough to not think or do them. That leaves a void. Try replacing them with a more balanced version of the same thing.

Also, periodically re arranging your closet, house, etc forces you out of normal ruts that you get stuck auto piloting in and forces you to THINK.

Introspection as to WHY we do and think the way we do is a big help. Once you untangle the patters that have built up they are much easier to spot when they arise.

I have also found contemplative meditation a great way to slow down mental noise so you start to notice those habits of thought and action, then just notice when the urge comes and decide is that really what you want to do? If not, try something else.

Sometimes that thing you are deprogramming has a use somewhere, the idea is to make these things your CHOICE rather than your programming.

After you have your choice back you can start reprogramming your actions and thoughts in a more beneficial way.

And Skyrim isn't that much of a sacrifice. The way my friends talk about it, it's like hearing someone talk about how awesome opium is. I just say no.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Some very good points to ponder when I go for a stroll or two around the block this weekend.