Sunday, December 25, 2011

Jesus, The Sun, and Alchemy

The Black Virgin showing the
Way to The Self Perfect Stone
Time for the obligatory Christmas Post! YAY!

Just a few thoughts as an Alchemist, someone who was brought up in the Catholic Church, and now a Pagan.

To Alchemists, rarely speak plainly, Jesus has an even deeper meaning than just being a cult figure and Savior. Even to many of those Alchemists who were practicing Christians.

Both as an Alchemist and a Pagan, I see the big J.C. as a naturally occurring example of the Stone Itself. An evolved form of that same energy we see in the Sun, but in a human person. That force that evolves, enlivens, causes change, and urges life forward. That force that heals.

The Martinists (as much as I can glean, not being one) refer to Jesus as "The Great Repairer", and to me that rings true across the board. Jesus as a person who is a manifestation of that force that causes life to stir in the womb, that heals your wounds, that ferments wine, give quickening back to the dead, and can change the physical body into a true Body of Light and Power.

The Feast of the Nativity taking place around the Solstice to celebrate the return of the Light to the world doesn't actually upset me as someone who identifies as Pagan. It's actually quite fitting, so no butt hurt is felt on my part. In fact to me, it's a good thing. The Nativity matching close to the Solstice serves to move a bit of the literalness from Christianity, make it more Mythic, more Epic, more Cosmic in scope, which I think is really cool, and allows for greater contemplative depth no matter how it happened.

The Black Virgin is impregnated by the Spirit of the Mind of God, and gives birth to a perfect reflection and incarnation of that same Mind and Spirit. Honestly, the whole Gospel story can be read as an Alchemical allegorical  tract with little effort, even before we start digging into Qabalistic techniques.

So, this Solstice, I praise the return of the Light which brings for Life, be it on the horizon, in a Menorah, or in the heart of a human being, who may have been born in a cave, or who may be simply reading this right now. From where I sit it's the same root, merely different blooms. 


Gordon said...

Frohe weihnachten, good sir!

Jow said...

Buon Natale! And Happy Boxing Day!

Sincerus Renatus... said...

Interesting that you have appended a picture of the Black Madonna. I love your analysis of Christ as the Philosopher's Stone. It is within tradition. But let me also direct your attention to the Mother of God, the Virgin Mary. Especially when depicted in this blackish manner (which isn't that uncommon in Catholic Churces of Europe) she represents the Prima Materia of the Alchemists. Some food for meditation.

In Licht, Leben und Liebe,

Jason said...

I enjoyed this. Thank You!