Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Work Room

In our house there is a sticky subject. That sticky subject is Shpaer Oom. Also known as The Office, The Coat Room, Where they cats are lazy, but never ever, "Spare Room". It is a limnal place! A place between worlds! Also: A place to keep clutter.

We both had grande hopes and disagreements on what exactly it should be used for. The only thing grander than our hopes and disagreements, is our disappointment with how we've handled this space. As Deb's sister would say, "This is shameful." A phrase usually only trotted out in those peculiar cases when Sissykins is actually proud of how poor your behavior has been. It's a sign that you are on the cusp of "Awesomely Bad" and "Awesome".

Over the last week we finally come to a consensus. Instead of some mediocre clutter hole of overflow storage that we could not be bothered to deal with right now. It never had an identity before. It was an incarnation of that old trope of irresponsibility, "Whatever happens, happens!"

What started as a disagreement, slowly became an office, and now will move in to its full as, "The Work Room". Any productive work will be done, in the Work Room. Especially magical work.

Rooms have a flow to them, a resonance. It's why we put on special clothes for ritual, work in the same place, etc. Some places of power are just naturally there. A pooling of primal force that fills you with awe or turns your mind and spirit to this or that. Some are made. The great cathedrals, battlefields, scenes of great deeds or horrible tragedies. Even just rote repetition of the same actions, the same thoughts, the same patterns over and over again, it wears a psychic groove into the spirit world, patterns it through use.

Place is important in Magic. There are entire Magical discaplines based on fixing up your place. Sacred Geometry, Feng Shui, Temple building, even what Jason terms as "Zone Rites" all fit within Place Magic. You are securing your Place. You are sanctifying where you are. You are reorganizing your environment. The old neophyte triad of "Ground/Center/Shield" is all Place Magic. All rather important I'd say. Especially given so long as you will live you will occupy space/time coordinates, and this is basic/advanced space/time Magic!

One big stumbling block in the negotiations has been the differences in our magical traditions. Our native traditions do not so much blend well. Examples:

Scene: The Parlor
Deb: Notice anything honey? I had my Dianic circle over! What's that feel like to you?
Jow: Like I am in a play by Euripides. If you and the ladies are going to rip me apart, please leave my junk on, it's really all I ask.

Scene: Also The Parlor
Jow: I did arcane rites of unimaginable POWER! FOR THE GOOD OF ALL! BWAHAHAHAHA! How's that for you?
Deb: I feel like throwing up, so I can tell it's working.


Due to a complete lack of traditions that are given to melding, or an inability to navigate some cognitive dissonance between them on both parts, we've decided to make one up. We'll let you know how that goes.

Back to the subject at hand. It's not just about a clean environment, it's about a well organized and properly used environment. One of the reasons I dig hoodoo cleansings so much, that AIT pointed out to me, is that you start on the physical, and work your way up. The Spiritual manifests in the Physical. It both blooms and roots here. That is  part of the beauty and terror of what we do. Weather we realize it or not, we are in a very real sense, changing the world. Sometimes you start by sweeping out the corners and cleaning under the chairs.


babarudra said...

That would be "The Office" in our space. It's where most books are stored, our computers live, physical world stuff happens, overflow clothing lives, overflow stuff from the house lives when we know company is coming, etc. But rarely is it ritual space. Occasional ritual preparations maybe, but not workings. But then we both seem to stomach each others systems well.
But what I wanted to get to was... you gave up books? I realized you hadn't used them, you have a Nook, etc, but, they're books. Maybe it's just my "old school" nature refusing to give in entirely to technology, but, my heart panged once when I read that. In the great list of compromise, the cat, the books and "the junk" are very far back. I salute you, sir!

Pallas Renatus said...

Perhaps look into getting the blessings of Baphomet on the shared space? Puke really isn't a great smell for the work room! (Well... maybe if you're working with Saturn...)