Monday, November 7, 2011

The Focus Board Discard Pile

While putting together my own focus board, I had many ideas. Goals to accomplish, merits to acquire, people to drain of their essence and mix it into the crucible of my being. Not draining them of their literal essence, mind you. If that were the case my focus board would be a lot of Christina Ricci, Christina Hendricks, and Elijah Wood. But since I already have a pretty flush account in my spank bank, I decided to do something productive and try to better myself.

Now, the non personal things like abundance, health, etc, those I had no problems with. However when picking images of people to emulate I seem to miss the mark on occasion. I have a tendency to pick those I admire, though they may not actually be GOOD to have on a thing that I am going to use to reshape my personality, and help chart my life. So now I give you the top five of my focus board discard pile, and the reasons why they didn't make it.

How was your day, Pumpkin?
Number 5: Noah Bennet: "The Man with the Horn Rimmed Glasses" (Technically they are called "Browline") from "Heroes" fame. Noah is the penultimate "Man with a Plan." He makes 1950's cold war dad look sexy. He loves his family. In a world of over powered people he gets shit done. He seems a perfect fit, right?

Well no. See Noah is quite honestly mentally deranged. He has what we would call a very low humanity score. He had his wife and children mind wiped so many times that it may have caused them injury. He keeps dangerous secrets that put his family in danger in the guise of protecting them. He also cut the throat of a defenseless enemy who was starting a big ole "turn my life around and become good" character arc. He did so in a manner that made it abundantly clear that afterward he might get a burger, or go bowling.. maybe read the paper. Just another checked off item on his to do list. Discard.

Number 4: Superman. I am not a huge Superman fanboy, but he is a powerful symbol of all that is good an true. Also, he is completely unrelatable. You cannot ask yourself "What would Superman do?" Because it often includes things such as: Flying, Space Travel, Being Invulnerable to everything but a special space rock, and of course being super strong, super fast, and otherwise "Gary Stu"ed to all get out. Also: It is easy to be all good all the time if you are essentially an unstoppable Juggernaut of daring do. Superman is good because he is better than us biologically. He rarely has to make tough decisions that will cause him long lasting harm. Much like it is easy to be generous when possessing vast wealth, it is easy to be good and kind when you cant be hurt and can stop any enemy generally.

I also did not like that Supes' had a weakness to Magic.

Number 3: Albus Dumbledore: I know, you must be thinking: "But Dumbledore is AAAAAWEEESSOOOMMEEE", and he is.. except when he isn't. He has a good heart, but is prone to megalomania,  and like Noah Bennett above will do just about anything "For the Greater Good", much like his old paramore. He ends up lonely, troubled, and manipulating everyone around him by necessity to stop a coming catastrophe. He doesn't sleep well. His decisions and machinations haunt him, trouble him. His conscience isn't clear with the things he's done. I don't know if that is better or worse than being totally ok with putting hundreds of children in repeated mortal peril for their formative years. Either way, not what I wish for personally in my dotage. There is also the part where he is murdered. Bad end.

Also: I am prone myself to a focused mania. Especially prone to it when a "greater good" is involved. When I was younger, I once dislocated some one's index finger to prove a point about manners. I'm not proud of it, but it happened. Dumbledore, to me, is the natural progression and result of my own particular brand of crazy. I also do not have a "save the world" scenario to justify my actions.

So close.. yet so far.
Number 2: Doctor Strange: Doc Strange Aaaaaaalmost made it. Almost. He's well balanced, occasionally has love interests that survive, does the Magic. He seems perfect except that he also, is overpowered to the point of unrelatablity. Also his training was in some remote Tibetan outpost, groomed in combat and Magic to one day take up the mantle of Sorcerer Supreme! Most of my magical career has been spent ferreting out old books, piecing together bits of folklore and myth, trial and error. Getting the secrets that have been hidden in plain sight, or thrown away. Dumpster diving for power and profit. Enough discarded secrets from enough places can teach you what lies under the words, under the training. The Real of the thing. Its heart essence. So, mostly because of his impressive show pony pedigree, Doc Strange, though cool, gets discarded.

Number 1: Batman: Now, I AM a rabid Batman fanboy. I loves The Bat. To me, there is no better example for a person merging with their ideals in a proactive way than Batman. In a world of Aliens, Amazons, and Sorcery, Batman through strength of will, a well kept body, and a honed mind comes out on top. He is the ULTIMATE man with a plan, and sixteen contingencies if that plan should fall through. He lives to an old age, with no regrets.

He is also more crazy and less human than anyone else on the list. Once upon a time, someone was using mind control to make Bruce Wayne hear voices and seem crazy. At the end of the fiasco, someone asked "How did you know you weren't crazy?" and the answer was, "The voices kept calling me 'Bruce'. That isn't what I call myself."

Batman is Batman. Batman is not Bruce Wayne. He is a person become a force. He is a Hero-God in the same epic and tragic way of Heracles. He is his work. He has allies, not friends, not love. He is consumed by his mania to the point of transfiguration. Unlike Dumbledore, Batman doesn't lose sleep.

-Babs Gordon shot in the spine? No problem.
-Dead Robin number 2? Catchin' Z's.
-Might need to implement contingency plan to kill Superman tomorrow? Might need an extra protein shake in the morning.

There is also the issue of The Bat being the LEAST relatable of all of the above. He is less relatable to me than an indestructible alien. I did not have my parents murdered in front of me at like age 8. I was not born into money so old that it predated the formation of the United States. I do not have a network of spies and informants. I do not have near unlimited resources and free time to pursue my mania.

I stand by my statement: Batman is not a human being. Bruce Wayne is simply the vessel for the force known as Batman. I have no problems identifying with impersonal forces and bringing them to manifestation in myself. However, I don't want to life that Batman leads. No love life, no real happiness as we would recognize it. Only duty.

There is a saying among both cops and firemen, "You are the job" or "You become the job". It's where everything else takes a back seat and you really do, in a way, lose part of yourself to the job. I can lose myself, just not to THAT job.


Deborah Castellano said...

I was also in his ear about any person he wanted to emulate that had "girlfriend-in-a-refrigerator syndrome". Just in case the focus board worked like Grant Morrison's emulation of 007. I'm not collateral damage, thank you.

Jow said...

I often try to not kill you magically! It's one of the pillars of our relationship.

Christopher Bradford said...


But....Dr.Strange? Give the man a pass, haha. His story is completely of our fellows is, in fact, Dr.Strange; his name is Jason Miller. ;-)

Jason needs to get some cool capes, though. He almost makes up for it with excellent beard.

Jow said...

Ha! I did think of Jason there, specifically. In fact I can see him being Doc Strange in about 15 years. Sadly, I am not there. I simply haven't had the opportunity. Luckily I have had the opportunity to talk with, and learn from Doc Strange 2.0 himself. Way more accessible than Doc Strange 1.0.

I am more along the lines of a low rent Timothy Hunter from Books of Magic.

Pallas Renatus said...

As much as I wanted to say something enlightening or thoughtful, I'm still trying to recover from the fit of laughter "occasionally has love interests that survive" sent me into =p