Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Course Review Monday: Strategic Sorcery

Nota Bene: I know it is technically Tuesday, but due to some snow related internet connectivity problems, this was the soonest I could get this review out. On with the show!

In honor of the next release of the Strategic Sorcery Training Course by the invariably sweet smelling, Jason Miller, I would like to offer my humble review of the course.

When I heard that Jason was offering a course, I was super jazzed. I've been lucky enough to see him speak on several occasions. So of course I was an apple polishing goon and wanted in on the alpha session.

Breaking the course down, it's a step by step to the Strategic Sorcery Arcana and Approach. It's essentially two intermixed classes in one. It is one lesson a week for 52 weeks, along with 12 homework assignments.

I am not going to do a break down the course, bit by bit, as Chris DeGraffenreid did that already in his excellent course review over at his blog, Sorcery and Spirit. What I will do, is break the course down into its two aspects, and then what I got out of it.

 The Strategic Sorcery Approach: Basically how to accomplish just about anything using a combination of Magic and good ole' fashioned giving a shit. It's more than that though. What Bruce Lee did when he made Jeet Kun Do, Jason is starting to do with Strategic Sorcery. I am honestly really excited to see where he goes with the whole system. It's an amazing way to rethink and reorganize your practice. It's not just the individual pieces of the approach, but how they are organized and laid out to you bit by bit. It's very easy to understand, and it's broken down in such a way that it is very easy to implement. It's all about getting the best results for your work. Weather you are a seasoned practitioner or a complete beginner, I think everyone who takes the course will get something out of it just for this aspect of it. For me this part was the most useful.

 The Strategic Sorcery Arcana: Magical works and practices specifically unique to this system. It's honestly really cool stuff. There are spirits and sorcerous bodies, planetary sigils, specific empowerments, and more. I tried all of it, and it all worked for me. There are some traditional techniques, and many completely original ones. Even the traditional lore is presented in a way that I, at least, got something new out of it. For me, this part was the most fun.

 What I got out of the course: A better meditation practice to be sure, and that has helped me in quite a number of ways "both on and off the mat" so to say. I got a lot of new insight to practices that I've been doing for quite a while. Let me tell you, new eyes, and new insight, can be invaluable. I really loved the original techniques of the system, and find them quite effective. More than anything, however it helped me reorganize my very eclectic practice, and putting everything in it's proper place with regards to my own, very practical, life goals.

All in all it's a really fun course that is full of good information, and lots of valuable insight. It's some of the distilled working practices of a very smart and talented sorcerer who is leading the life he wants to lead. That last part is very important to me. If you have phenomenal cosmic power, but can't hold a job, lead a happy life, or otherwise achieve anything you set out to do.. honestly, I flat out don't believe you. I've seen Jason walk his talk, and do it well.

Highly recommended for your Magical continuing education credits.

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