Friday, November 11, 2011

Book Removal.. FOREVER!

Greetings Interblag!

Remember Book Removal Wednesday? That was fun wasn't it? Good times.

Do you know what else it was? A colossal pain in the ass with my schedule. Especially since very little sold. The "Time I spend doing this" vs "Money I make off of this" push pull was not in my favor. I mostly wanted the books out, but hated listing them. Allegedly I may have had a Hoarders-esque merry go round in my head of things to keep, things to toss, really wanting to get these things out of the house... but some how emotionally unable to actually get them out.

I carried my library with me through seven moves in seven years. We've been through a lot together.

Luckily, I have a Partner who is willing to help. Seriously, she volunteered to sort through well over a hundred (possibly closer to two hundred) books in my discard pile, and put them up on Amazon. Also thrown in for good measure are old RPG books that we haven't used in a million years or perhaps ever. It was a big job. Way bigger than she knew she was getting in to. It was kind of satisfying to see her look both confused and impressed as I drag box after box out for sorting. Apparently I am very good with spacial reasoning and geometry.

So, if you want to buy my book swag they will be over here on Amazon till.. well.. they get sold. To anyone who buys over the weekend, they will have to ship on Monday due to Veterans Day Weekend.

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