Sunday, October 9, 2011

What the King Said to Me

I am sitting here, my beard smelling of prosecco, my belly full of mimosa, still inhaling the scent of the McKittrick Hotel. My legs scream every time I try to stand or walk, and my voice has taken a gravelly baritone usually reserved for voice over artists. I am covered in stale sweat, booze, smoke, and pondering the recent past, and what the future may hold. Let me show you how I got here.

Yesterday, Deb, some friends, and I went to see Sleep No More. After Deb's exciting shamanic extravaganza I totally was down for going and seeing the sights. I walked a labyrinth, saw a room become a forest, and back again, and lots of other amazing stuff. It was glorious. There are some very vague spoilers of some things you might see in the production, so if you intend on going to see it, and dislike spoils, then please stop reading here.

I am going to be honest, in addition to the few things I had on my mental check list as sights to see, I was also seeking an Omen. Omens are honestly my favorite form of divination. Continuing this honest streak, most of the Omens I've been getting lately, have been less than good. Signs of some recent discord, betrayal and tragedy that have cropped up in my circle. High drama? Life drama, and all of the above definitions aptly apply.

I did not check off most of my check list. I did, however, get my Omen. I was masked, walking through a ball room, trailing after an older man who I would come to realize is the King. The King turned to me, and we locked eyes; I couldn't keep from tilting my head to the side like a dog. The King boldly strode up to me, pulled me in close, and whispered into my ear, "Knowest that thou art the temple of God, and whoso ever defileth the temple of God, he God shall destroy. For God watcheth over His holy temple.His temple that thou art."

Actually, I got a second Omen as well. I was intent on finding the Witches, especially their Magnificent Queen. I saw her briefly, sashaying through a hallway, the perfect picture of grace, sexuality, and power. I lost sight of her in the mass of people that were clamoring around. That was the part that made me saddest. I kept running in to the King and saw his whole cycle. He was accompanied almost constantly by his Maid, so I got to see her much as well. In fact at one point she actually cornered me mid performance, every move I made I would always be in her way when I was desperately trying to get out of it. Later, on the walk back to Penn Station, I learned that the performer who played the Maid in our showing (it's always different, who plays who), was also the one who played the Witch Queen. Hiding in plain sight, Madame, very tricky. Rowr.


susanneiles said...

I've read your post twice and have just hopped over to Deb's to read her take. I truly LOVE your description and how the performance actually turned into a real life shamanic/omen/initiatory experience. Thank you so much for sharing!

SeekInfinity-ICTX said...

This is extremely interesting as several elements of your post and dream fit my own dream last night, when I was explicitly seeking guidance in a dream from doing a candle magic spell involving the psalms. I am not sure exactly how to interpret this, but it does give a certain amount of confirmation to both so... yay I guess. I think things will work out very well overall. I put a bit of 'protection energy' into this post that you can accept or not as you will, either way I hope things go great.

Jow said...

My pleasure, Susanne!

Honestly, I am convinced that show is geared precisely to induce such things. I don't think it was done with precisely that intent, but all of the workings of it.. work. If you work them. There were a lot of folks who did NOT take the experience seriously, or even bother to allow themselves to be immersed in the experience. Not only is that a waste, it's rude to be giggling, texting, talking, and otherwise acting like an animal. The show will have run its course when too many people know about it, and it gets too popular, ironically enough. Because you won't be able to allow your self to be immersed in the experience, and that to me, is a shame.

Also, I did not realize you had a blog till I read RO's post! It's awesome, btw!

Jow said...

Thank you SeekInfinity, that is very kind of you. I hope the guidance from your dream leads you true!