Sunday, October 2, 2011

Post Crucible Wrap Up

Let's start at the beginning. I woke up at about 2pm. I am so hung over I can barely slur out snark at Restaurant: Impossible. I managed to finally choke down some Chinese take out at around 6pm. Also: I didn't actually go to the Con itself. Yeah, I know. I had to work that day, thus I woke up at 5, worked till seven, home by eight, had dinner, changed, and was on the road to Princeton by 10ish. It was a long night. Our goal for the drive home was to be home before the birds started to sing. 

What I know: The Runester's lecture was fantastic. Complete with an "arts and crafts" section where the students made their own rune talismans. He's the man. Case closed.

I heard v. good things about both of Jason's lectures, and RO's, as well as the Quantum Other Worlds Sorcery lecture given by Andreih.

I got to hang out a bit with Jason and RO, and of course the lovely and talented, Deb.

I managed to catch RO and Jason after the lectures closed and spent some quality time chatting with them. I even got to see RO's famous Conjure Box. As someone who has been at ground zero of the thing, let me tell you: it is mighty. RO might have also hinted that perhaps I should blog more.

It was great to see everyone, and though I was only there for a short time comparatively, just being around that many other Workers for even a few hours was unbelievably nice. 


Pallas Renatus said...

I'm hella jealous; I'd have loved to go just to meet everyone in person.

Lavanah said...

Next time, I hope to actually meet you and Deb. I'm sorry that we missed one another.

Jow said...

It's very heartening, Pallas. Sometimes what we do gets very lonely, and it's nice to nerd out with the other Occultnik nerds. Even if you aren't talking shop, you are connecting. It's all about connecting. Like blogging, only better!

Jow said...

I was so bummed when I read you were there and we missed you! I hope next year we actually get to hang out some. Also, I hope next year there are some empty periods for milling around and decompressing, because as you can attest, it is a VERY full day full of very dense info. Every year I go, I am so fried by 8pm I can barely stumble into the last two lectures with any coherency.