Thursday, October 20, 2011

Jack Talks Saturn

"Lord of Dreams that Terrify, Sword of Cold and Darkness, free yourself from the heaven's bonds! Be one with my power, one with my body! Let us walk the path of destruction together! Power that can destroy even the souls of the Gods.. Darkness beyond blackest pitch, deeper than the deepest night, King of Darkness who shines like Gold upon the Sea of Chaos, I call upon thee and swear myself to thee!"

 -Lina Inverse reciting spellwork invoking the Lord of Nightmares -Slayers Anime Series

Jack said some wise and interesting things in his post on Saturn, here. As a renowned Saturn fanboy I thought it bore comment.

I took the opposite path in.. well.. like all my dealings with Father Saturnus. I choose the path of full immersion. Dive in face first and soak in it. I won't say that I over emphasize for me, but it might be too much for some people. Many times it is a lot like sticking your arm in a deep fryer and leaving it there.

Saturn and I go way back. He is the great necessity. All of my major turning points in life but one, were due to his influence.

*Early realization of the mortality of others? Saturn.
*Shamanic Death? Saturn.
*My own almost physical death? Saturn.
*Dad's death? Saturn.
*My own private seven year fools journey coinciding with Saturn return in both Western and Vedic astrology? Well.. yeah Saturn.

Now I am not one to say I've lived the most trying and horrible life. That's silly. Honestly, I wouldn't change a thing. Saturn has simply always been there. I've always seen Him there. Once you learn to let go, it's actually quite soothing. When you get on well with the multiversal force that causes all things to end, life is less scary, usually.

What ever "this" is, it will fall apart. But if you work with Saturn long enough, you can see where the cracks begin to form, and you know how to keep them from forming, for a time. Those cracks form in everything. Your mind, your family, your job, your health, everything. Saturn rules the solid state. Solid state is the only thing that can crack. If you manage to ascend past Saturn, you get pure Gold, Emphyrian and Incorruptible.

I've always been one to go down to go up. (That's what she said!) I spent a merry seven years doing intensive cemetery practices from my various apartments to better tune in to Saturn's beat. Did you know that it is a difficult task indeed to find a cemetery that is open at dusk, let alone open at night? It's much easier if you find an old abandoned one, like the one that was providentially three blocks away from my last apartment in north Jersey.

Make no mistake, Saturn sets the beat. If you are out of step with that, you are out of step, son.

Saturn is the highest and most terrifying conceivable thing. If you manage to touch past Saturn, you get into the realm of inconceivable things.

I do however agree, that if you are in regular practice, you do need some rest. That is another thing that Saturn rules: rest after labor. A time of reflection and pruning down. If you don't do this periodically, cracks will begin to show, and things will begin to break. Either you make time to do this, or the natural course of things will do it for you. It's good. Keeps you from getting stagnant, or obsessed, or otherwise bogged down. It also tends to give a new appreciation for old practices; the kind you only get when you step away and come back.

Oh and the one turning point that wasn't all Saturn? That was meeting Deb. That was all Venus, yo.


Chrys said...

Thanx for the perspective. I'm in the middle of my Saturn Return right now and ... eeek. Learning some lessons the hard way.

Mr. J. said...

The Saturn Return can be really really difficult. But everyone I've met who's been through it says it's great once you are out the other side. Sucks during, though.

The secret to navigating it for me was to not fight it. Every time I clung or fought, just more pain. It's like learning to fall in martial arts: if you try to break your fall you will break your wrists. You need to move with the momentum and roll, occasionally pounding the ground with your limbs to disperse force.

Learn to roll, be honest, and abide in truth as best you can. Both relative truth, of being honest with yourself and others, and the greater Truth of things as they are.

During mine I changed residences often, and every life plan I had went up in smoke. That said, I am in a much better place for it, and I would not change what happened for anything.

What fits? What doesn't? What is really important? Don't cling. Roll with it. There is no easy way in your Saturn Return, so choose the one that is most honest and most complete for you.

A book that really helped me was "The Greatness of Saturn" by Robert Svoboda. It takes the angle from a Vedic Astrology perspective, but it is easily applicable to Traditional Western if that is more your bag.

Unknown said...

Touch on using Lina Inverse as an example for real life magickal workings.

Susanne Iles said...

Really a wise and fascinating post. I've been curiously/tentatively studying Saturn's role in various magical practices. It's interesting to note how he comes up above the Sun at times as the Prince or the King. I wonder if it is because of his power over Time?

More on this later..I'm exhausted and shouldn't be allowed near a keyboard...must find a coffee....