Monday, October 24, 2011

Going Global

Someone's hands always direct the spotlight.
This post was inspired by three things:

1. The Occupy movement going global.

2. A conversation with a rather well traveled, well moneyed businessman named Barry, who just got back from Paris, and is heading to Hong Kong sometime next month. His lifestyle, and globe hopping make Gordon's look like amateur hour. (No offence, G. Just giving the kids a comparison by scope. Compared to you I am about as mobile as a sequoia.)

3. Gordon's posts  here, and here.

We live in a huge, multifaceted, world, kids. It's beautiful, really. In times past I would say that the world is shrinking. That was an error on my part. The world is still as vast, mysterious, and beautiful as always. We've simply grown wings to fly, and made our voices to carry over oceans, and even into the boundless yawning abyss of space.

The world isn't shrinking, but our legs, our minds, our cultures are growing. Some of my favorite posts of Gordon's are his magical turning point pieces. Al Andalus, Rome, Alexandria, all places where different peoples and cultures exchanged Myth, Magic, and Idea.. and got it on, both metaphorically and literally. Our cities still are brewing and reducing Magico-cultural brews both ambrosial and toxic, and from those cities, some of us choose to come here, to a place that isn't a place. A country with no borders, on machines powered by lightening, neither here nor there, eternally a threshold, bleeding and bending our consciousnesses together, typed in strange scripts and couched in perennial memes. The world is changing because of it. Life is imitating Art.

We grow through contagion, empathy, competition, connection, and strife. We've got a hell of a lot of that now. We are living in one of those pivotal times. Those blessed times when the world seems to shift on it's axis. It is far easier to alter a chaotic system, rather than an ordered one. 

So, here we are, on the raggity edge, to quote my favorite star ship captain. Our world is changing, and together we are all deciding what it turns in to, by our voices, our actions, inactions, and interactions. Make no mistake it is our world.  There is no, "Us vs Them". There are only Us. We are a system, as a planet, a species, an economy, and a Magico-cultural gestalt. 

We are, in a sense, one organism, cells in the body of God and all that. Brain is not more important than skin, or stomach, or bones, or fluids, etc. We are all the system. Dysfunction in a living system is nothing more than disease. Our economic situation globally is as if 99% of the blood and fluids in our body were being kept in our marrow or brain. 

When I was young, I was a staunch counter culture weirdo, just like all of my friends. The counter culture is just the necessary other side to majority culture, and aspects of it are spreading fast, because as we all are being deprived little by little of those things we need to live, "Us" grows, and "Them" shrinks.. eventually down to that 1%. The problem comes when we forget that we are a system. That to separate us from them, is to treat your left leg or jaw as a separate and antagonistic entity.

Each part must have as much as it needs to thrive. As our capabilities increase, we are going to need to start to think globally, and regularly consider global concerns. Now more than ever, YOU have the power to help change the world.

I am reminded of our Senior Druid hinting heavily that we must step up, to carry the tradition forward. We must all step up to carry life and justice forward.

Now I know, some of you might say: "Golly, Jow. That's nice and all. But how? How do I do that thing?"

I'll admit that this is not second nature to me, a childe of the 90's. We aren't known hugely for our ability to make a plan and achieve our goals in comparison to our for-bearers. But the answer is simple really: you plot a course.
Spotlights can blot out more than they show.

Step One: Find where you are. Got that? Good.

Step Two: Find where you want to be. A bit harder. We normally focus on where we don't want to be. We've lived in a culture of fear for so long, (Some of us, all of our lives: Communists, AIDS, drugs, gangs, terrorists, etc.) that it can be hard to spot what you want among the sea of what you don't want. Couching your thinking in negatives inspires fear and creates the urge to run or lash out. Couching your thinking in desire, in positives, inspires creative action.

Step Three: Connect the dots. Use all the means at your disposal. Your hands, your Magic, your motherfucking voice. Same as achieving any other goal.

 We've been ruled by people with spotlights, showing us where to look, how to behave, what to strive towards. We are Gordon's proverbial fireflies. We shed our own light. In a sea of fireflies all is illuminated. The sky is not the limit. Beyond the sky is a sea of stars that knows no limit.

Make it so. So mote it be. 


Gordon said...


I could never take offense at any of your posts, buddy. Also, I want to travel LESS for work, not more.

Great stuff. And your scifi references are improving. Firefly beats Dune, hands down. :)


Mr. J. said...

Aw! We're buddies! Yay! Now we drink beer and talk about our feelings. I know a good bar, close by. ;)

Glad on the scifi, and Firefly is one of my darlings.

(Psh! Nerd? NerdCORE! ..I don't know what that means.)

Gordon said...

Whilst I appreciate the reference I'm still turning down the beer.

It's prosecco and talking about our feelings. :)