Thursday, September 29, 2011

Updates and Celebrations

Greetings Interblag!

I know I've been quite for some time now, but you know I can't quit you. Not quitting you will be so much easier now that I have a laptop of my own again! Hooray! I now also have no excuses for being on top of my correspondences, and Ye Olde Blag. That.. is really the only update so far. You might see a bit of spotty posting here and there, as I try to rekindle my muse, and get back to the business of writing. To that end, I am going to ask you for a favor. (I know. I fuck off for weeks and now I am asking for favors. The nerve!)

I want to know what you want to see here. Have a question? Need an answer? Want to start a fight? Come on! Tell me what you need Interblag. Right now, Daddy (that's me.) feels like he's juggling chainsaws, but he just grew an extra set of arms and now is in need of something to keep them occupied. I cannot stand purposeless idleness. Even my own.

I thank you in advance for your cooperation.

In other news we recently celebrated the Autumnal Equinox with GoG in a ritual dedicated to Lord Yama himself, ruler of the dead. I was privileged enough to be invoking Devi as Earth Mother. Which, by the way, felt to me like taking a fist full of Xanax, while at the same time having a little chateau outside of Time to watch Reality unfold. Pretty damn fine if you ask me. For those new the the Indian Pantheon, I was asked to describe Devi. Our Grove being Our Grove, I used three examples: 1. The Ground of all Being, and simplest thing that could exist. 2. All power and form. 3. A woman with an infinite number of arms, and on each of those arms is a sock puppet, and each sock puppet is a Goddess. The sock puppet option was actually put forth first.

There were a lot of tears and a lot of appropriate silence during the Ritual, and afterwards there was a lot of kabitzing around the fire. The celebrant who invoked Yama himself and I made plans to go to ashrams if our spouses should pass on before us, so they can find us again. He is voting for India, saying that we can follow the Ganges to its source in the mountains and live in a Smashan. I voted for Kauai, as there is a Nath monastery there. There are no Shakti Pithas or Shivalingas made of ice.. but you are living in Kauai. Because if I am going to be a wandering holy man, I want to do it in Kauai. Paradisaical, well policed, Kauai, where there are few jungle cats or other predators that want to eat me.

The wives were then suspicious of us trying to "kill them off" so we can go play in the woods, so I did remind everyone that the boys might die first, where we then declared ourselves after life buddies.

The fire kabitzing also got me thinking about the future of Paganism. We have a lot of elders that are ready to retired, and we need newer, younger folk to start stepping up to take on the burden of leadership in the community. And it is a burden. If you are excited about leadership, I honestly have trouble understanding you. You get burdened with politics and the sum total of the problems of your group. It's a pain in the ass. It also needs to get done. Thus I've decided to up my game and really try to work hard and be able to be of service to the community. Role of the traditional Wizard, I claim you mine.

When I first joined ADF, I felt that "Ping". That knowing that this thing is potentially very important for you. That Ping has happened many times in my life, but it took me reaching adulthood to realize the Ping is not enough. You get the Ping, then you work. The Ping is the seed. Once you get it you can eat it, step on it, bury it, toss it over your shoulder, or plant it, care for it, and grow it into a plant. A ping plant. Or whatever seed happens to be handed you.

Do I think I have a "Grande Destiny"? No. Emphatically not. But I do believe I have a duty to my community to not be a complete and utter leech. As I've been given, it is my responsibility to give back. As I've been nurtured, it is my responsibility to nurture others. That is the Debt we take on when we step on the Path. It's the duty to your linage that once you are mature, you pass it on. Just in this case it's not with my penis. Sometimes. Rarely.

This is evolution! Mutate motherfuckers, and pass it on!

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