Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Book Removal Wednesday: First Installment

I've changed up Book Review Wednesday a bit. I made a solemn oath, some say a deal with dark forces, to downsize my library. Honestly, it has been silly and selfish to hold on to so many books for so long. Most of them I've read, reread, studied, and done everything but fluid bond with since the mid 90's or whenever I happened to pick them up. They are going to waste laying around with no one reading them.

Because I absolutely hate waste, as well as clutter, I am now offering them up to you, the public.

Now, Book Removal Wednesday has rules. Like Fight Club.

The first rule of Book Removal Wednesday: You SHOULD talk about Book Removal Wednesday. Seriously. Tell your friends. I have books that need homes, and would rather give them to those who'd use them.

The second rule of Book Removal Wednesday: Ten books at a time. I'll be listing ten books at a time. So.. that one is self evident. Books purchased will be removed from the list, and new books will be added to replace them the following week. Books left unpurchased will be relisted the following week.

The third rule of Book Removal Wednesday: A Maximum of four weeks per book. No book will be on the list for more than four weeks.

The fourth rule of Book Removal Wednesday: About seven dollars per book. Books will usually be around seven dollars INCLUDING SHIPPING in the Continental United States. Outside the US the price will be about seven dollars plus shipping. The only exceptions will be if the price of the book is dramatically higher at its going rate. Books are all used, obviously, and some times rather well used. Most show mild to moderate shelf wear, and in good to fair condition unless otherwise noted.

The fifth rule of Book Removal Wednesday: First come, first serve. Contact me by Email with what books you'd like at jowness at gmail dottles com. Just do the usual removal of spaces, adding an @ and a "." in the correct places. I'll contact you back and we can set up shipping and payment. Once I have your money, you'll have a new book on the way. Please put BOOK REMOVAL WEDNESDAY in the title somewhere so I will be sure to see it, and can possibly fish it out of my spam filter.

Them's the rules, kids. Now to the books! Where possible I've linked you to Amazon to show you both the book, customer reviews, and in general what the book is going for.

"Prometheus Rising" - 1999 reprint. Robert Anton Wilson- $7 SOLD!
"The Book of the Angel Rezial" -Steve Savedow-$7
"The Tree of Life" Israel Regardie 2000 reprint. The edition before the orange Cicero edition.-$7
"The Tower of Alchemy" -David Goddard -$7
"A Kabbalistic Universe"  -Z'ev ben Shimon Halevi- Acceptable Condition -$7 SOLD!
"The Work of the Kabbalist" -Z'ev ben Shimon Halevi -$7 SOLD!
"The Book of Enoch" Lawrence Translation -  Acceptable Condition $-7

"Commentaries on the Holy Books and Other Papers" -$40
"The Vision and the Voice" -$40
"Robert Fludd" -$50

Happy Reading!

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