Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Things in my little notebook..

When I am not sorting through plastic bins of books to sell you all at a reasonable price, one thing that I AM doing is scribbling on a note pad like a film noir detective. Partially because I have a shoddy memory, till I master mnemonics, and partly because I write down random motivational thoughts and stories, "Daily Affirmations" style. (It apparently worked for that guy.. as he is now a sitting Senator.)

I will share one story for you now: I have a friend and client, and she has an ex husband. Said friend/client was going through some stuff, and her ex wanted her to know that the mind can make the body do anything. Push it through any limit. She called bullshit, and then he offered to prove it to her.

He would run, and finish, a marathon. Without training for it first. Now, granted said ex was an Olympic level athlete so he would naturally be heads and tails above yours truly when it comes to general body conditioning, but a marathon is a grueling endurance trial for a human body. It takes training. Those people who are constantly running marathons, do you know what they are doing when they are not running marathons? They are training to run marathons. Every day.

Apparently the ex got his phenomenal will power from his parents, who were also Olympians in track and gymnastics respectfully. They were also of German-Jewish descent, and holocaust survivors. I would be motivated too.

So the ex runs, and completes said marathon, in a better than average time. He then promptly spends about two weeks flat on his back recovering from the injuries he sustained while running.

What did I take away from all of this? Aside from being a wonderful narrative kick in the ass when I don't want to move.. The Will can push the body through any trial. Also, an hour or so a day of training is worth more than two weeks of convalescent recovery. Preparation and follow through together are way better than either on their own.


Gordon said...

I like this. It's a wonderful "consequences" vignette.

Pallas Renatus said...

I love the double lesson in this.