Saturday, June 11, 2011

Blog Shout Out!

In my meanderings on the interblag, I recently stumbled across Mr. Alan Chapman, and through Mr. Alan Chapman, Mr. Duncan Barford.  I first found their work about a week ago via The Open Enlightenment Blog, and was rather impressed, to be honest. It's always nice to see sensible folks talking sensibly about the experience of Awakening and Enlightenment, as both a general human experience, as well as cross traditionally. I've watched most of Alan's videos and can't really find much where my own experience contradicts what he is saying. I haven't dug too deep into Duncan's groove yet, so I can't comment much, there. At the very least there is a bunch of very interesting things to ponder and peruse in your downtime, on both accounts.

His and Duncan's Magickal blog: The Baptist's Head

The extra Awesome Open Enlightenment Blog


Jason Miller, said...

You know, I gotta say, for ionce I totally disagree with you here. I read Chapman to see what he was doing recently, and I cannot believe the amount of BS.

I cannot deal with a man that is claiming in EVERY SINGLE POST about being englightened (comparing himself in one post to Buddha and Lao Tzu) yet still feels the need to whine like a bitch about this or that blog having a discussion about something he doesn't like.

He is on a straight path for a psychotic break/

Jow said...

This is possible, but I do think what he is doing to start a deeper cross cultural/traditional exchange about Awakening, and how to get there is very valuable. Plz see my email for a more lengthy response!

Baba Damballah said...

I'm not sure what I think about Alan and Duncan's take on Enlightenment, but I have to say Chapman's "Advanced Magick for Beginners" was one of the most refreshing / eye-opening magick books I've read in recent years, so I'd be interested in learning more of his (and Duncan's) viewpoints.