Monday, April 11, 2011

The Giver and the Taker

"I am the fulcrum! The giver, and the taker of life!" -Paul Atredies, Kwisatz Haderach

So it's been an exciting period of hiatus. By exciting I mean glutted with work and responsibility, dotted with some bits of fun. Despite being an almost stereotypical Saggitarian, I am a homebody. I am not sure why I never inherited my star signs wanderlust, but that is my weakest Saggitarian trait. I start to realize that I have been working myself too hard when I get the urge to just drive all night till I see morning and have some sort of adventure when I get there. (Incidentally, driving all night into morning gets you to the Carolinas if you go south, and well into New England, if you head north from here.)

Sometimes, the things you cast for.. you might not actually want or need. It's the closed system problem. To get, you have to give. The economy of sacrifice. Also, basic commerce.

This was my problem, recently. I cast, I hooked, and was reeling in a brandy new job; that was the give. The take was, basically all of my free time and mental processing power. Being on call all day, every day, and being the nexus of a shit storm coming from all the clients, all the employees, and the big bosses. Your basic upper middle management position. It was a price I was unwilling to pay. You are always giving, and always taking, so be mindful of what, where and when.

Something, somewhere, has to give. The big lesson that I learned from this circuitous rout was to always have your macro and micro enchanting in line. Macro enchant for the life that you want to be living. Micro enchant for the specific steps along the way. Otherwise you may find yourself a dog on a very short leash, all be it a nice one. If your Hermes collar is too tight, it is still an ill fit.

Time for better Macro enchanting, with a new focus on the Micro-world.

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