Friday, March 11, 2011

Radio Silence

Just popping in to let everyone know I am still here. The extended radio silence has been due to lots of work (Thanks! Ye Gods!), and most recently a rather severe bout of illness that started the day I talked via email with a friend who was also rather ill. (No causal link, just a funny coincidence)

In my brief time away when not fighting off fever I started to dig in to a translation of Robert Ambelain's "Spiritual Alchemy", which is so far so good. I'll have a review up once my post fever addled brain can finish reading.

I have to admit, at the height of my illness I was a bit scared. It was a bum's rush of an ailment, and hit me hard. Went to bed feeling a general malaise, and woke with a full on migraine, no balance, and difficulty breathing. Any time your body betrays you, I think, there is fear. Especially if you are used to being able bodied. It's the number one annoyance of the elderly, that mentally they are little different than when they were twenty five, but physically they are just unable to do what they did. It's sobering. Even in small doses.

So that's where I am right now: on the mend and turning my mind towards Life as it is, and the strange ways it moves.

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