Friday, March 11, 2011


Apparently, at around 5:30 GMT a huge earthquake hit Japan, which then triggered a tsunami that also hit Japan, with tsunami warnings through out the pacific coastal region. The damage is awful. Hundreds of bodies have been found, and hundreds more are missing, including a whole passenger ship and train. Please, sometime today say a prayer, light a candle, or otherwise do something to help both the living and the dead of this disaster.

Also, if you can spare any money to donate, that would also be a very positive physical gesture you can do.

If you needed a more on topic reason to donate aside from a horrible tragedy, let me remind the blog-o-sphere that Japan is home to Shinto, a religious practice so old it is damn near primordial, as well as being a strong hold for Tantric Buddhism by way of China for hundreds of years. It is a country and culture that still pays homage to The Mysteries in a way that is totally natural and interwoven with every day experience.

So yeah, if you can spare a minute of time, or a dollar, please help when you can.


Richard said...

We miss you, jow.

Jow said...

I miss you back, Richard!