Monday, February 14, 2011

It's Valentine's Day!

I am not sure how big Valentine's Day is outside of the States, though I did hear that a while ago some fundamentalist/nationalist groups in India were shaving young couples heads for celebrating the day. It was deemed too western.

Anyway. In my part of the world Valentines day tends to be met with a wide mix of emotions from joy to panic to disgust. When I wish someone a "Happy Valentine's Day" it's usually met with a "Thanks," and then discussion of plans, or a "Oh GOD! Don't remind me!" Usually from someone who has been alone for a while. I can understand that reaction from someone who has had their partner recently die, or leave them, but for those who have been out of the dating pool for a while and wish to find that special someone, today is not a societal reminder that you are an unlovable slag who will die alone. Today is a motherfucking opportunity to change that.

You have the collective mind of basically the western world turned towards matters of Love, Sex, and Beauty, and you are not going to use this to change your situation? Think like a Mage!

  • Start working on bettering your appearance, wardrobe, beauty regime'.
  • Learn how to flirt.
  • Make a list of easy aphrodisiacs you can add to your food; you are what you eat!
  • Make an offering to Venus, or St. Valentine.
  • Work on what Jason and Pick Up Artists, call your "Inner Game"
  • Get out of your house and start showing up!
  • Pick up some new sexy smelling condition/perfume oils. I recommend Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab and Alchemy Works.
  • Really consider what you REALISTICALLY WANT IN A PARTNER!

Now that I have given you some suggestions, let me give you some homework: Practice Loving. I'm serious. It doesn't have to be overly sexy or romantic, but simply putting yourself out there and genuinely caring about others in a Loving way will bring that to you. In this case like attracts like.

Second homework: With consent, kiss someone today.

Now get to work!


Anonymous said...

What are your advices based on? Because you feel like that would work? You forgot to add another "brilliant" advice: "Be yourself".

Mr. J. said...

They are actually based on things that have worked for both myself and others. "Be yourself" is fantastic advice.

Unfortunately being yourself is not often enough. Being yourself and doing things like not bathing, or not knowing how to read subtle signals that someone isn't interested, not having a grasp on common politeness, not dressing to your body type, etc, will all work against getting a romantic partner.

Most people are good down deep. Hell, I will even go as far to say most people are great down deep. Unfortunately, many people will not bother do dig down to those deeper levels of what's on the surface is in some way attractive or interesting. When someone doesn't know another person, a first impression is then 100% of what they know about them.

Be yourself should always be followed by "put your best food forward". I've known too many people who use "This is just how I am" as an excuse not to try for what they want, or some times to not care how their words or actions effect others, even to the point of blatant hostility.

Anonymous said...

Anyway these things doesn't help at all. PUA is good at insightful theories, but totally fail in its most important part, that is providing methods to successfully build inner and outer game by someone who is not a natural. Probatum.

Mr. J. said...

That is where our experiences differ. I've seen PUA techniques work very well, but I do think you are right in that if those techniques don't come naturally to a person there is a learning curve like anything else.

At first I did regard a lot of PUA stuff as shallow. In some cases, yeah, it is. Also, in some cases it is those shallow, surface things that are keeping a person from getting a prospective partner from giving them a chance. PUA's tend to try to teach how to be charming, how to flirt, how to approach someone, how to build confidence and self awareness through inner game, which are all important in getting your foot in the door. After that the process of seduction can begin.

Like any other skill set some people might just be naturally poor at it, which is why I mentioned several non PUA techniques in the post above as well.

Anonymous said...

I seriously doubt that oils/powders (like in hoodoo) could help much, I won't comment the rest because it's too silly. The only reasonable way for someone who is not a Natural to have success in love is magic (love spells). But of course it takes huge effort to get results in magic.

Mr. J. said...

So.. oils and powders wont help, though they've been used for over a hundred years for that purpose with enough success that they are still used.

Mundane changes in attitude, politeness and wardrobe won't help, because you aren't a natural.

Practicing being loving won't help because it's downright silly.

The only thing that will help is magic, but then magic is super hard and a lot of effort?

With that outlook, yeah, I am afraid you are out of luck. Congratulations, you have completely self sabotaged your efforts. Best of luck.