Thursday, February 3, 2011

Book Review Wed - Delay

My Darlings,

Please excuse my lack of book review Wednesday this week. I am wrestling with a fun HR project at work, and spent my yesterday trying to construct a spinning wheel, only to come to the conclusion that some of the metal parts were machined incorrectly. It is my hope to have a book review Friday this week, and resume our regularly scheduled Wednesday dates next week.

I hope this last long streatch of winter is raining gumdrops for all of you!


Richard said...

Oh, dude! Awesome review you put up on Friday! No dude, we get it, you're busy and that's cool. Maintaining a blog can require a bit of upkeep.

Jow said...

Yes friday did not so much happen. Next shot for for a book review Monday. Working doubles Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and a book review was perhaps a bit ambitious.