Monday, January 3, 2011

End of 2010 Book Swag

As my birthday, Christmas, and Yule all fall in December I tend to get gift books sporadically through the Season. Now that all the ponies are in, so to say, lets recap!

Achidoxies of Magic by Paracelsus: Essentially a hard core photo copy on good paper, bound in paperback. One of Paracelsus rarer overtly magical works, though it of course does have bits of Alchemy in it. The most famous part of this particular work is its section on healing using talismans.

"A Master Course in Feng Shui" by Eva Wong: The basics and simple applications of Yang Feng Shui. Yang Feng Shui is generally dealing with the dwellings of the living, as well as temples, stores, etc. It's rather in depth and will take some prolonged study.

"Hekate Soteria" by Sara Iles Johnston: An in depth examination of Hekate, her roles, and history. So far, I loves it.

"The Apophenion: A Chaos Magic Paradigm" by Peter J. Carroll: Added to my Xmas list at Gordons recommendation. It's very dense. Very, very dense. This one is going to take a while.

Hell. They are all going to take a while.

And for those lovely digital volumes of mine, Deb has made me a cover for my nook with her own dainty little hands! It is officially awesome.


The Scribbler said...

We want a picture of the Nook cover. Come on! You can't do this to us! ;-)

Gordon said...

It requires lots and lots of re-reading.

All PJC's newer stuff did.

I just finished his latest... It still blew the top off my head but it's got another six readings left before I can pronounce on it.

Thank fuck his books are so short, I say!