Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Wisdom of Peacocks

I've always liked peacocks. It was one of those fantastic attractions I had as a child that made some of my older relatives wonder about me. "He likes peacocks, wants to ball room dance, and play the harp.. hmm.." I always thought they were majestic. Regal. Also, as a child, I remember them as being rather larger than me, which for whatever reason imprinted deeply.

One of the reasons why Peacocks are so revered, aside from the fabulous plumage, is their ability to kill and eat poisonous snakes. The serpent, of course being feared, revered, and held in rightful awe for it's ability to grant life or death, and the vast wealth of cthonic secrets they are said to possess. The Serpent is a great symbol of the Non Dual Path, as it is full of venom, but is no worse for wear for it. Just another thing Its got going on.

They are symbolic of transmuting something poisonous and primal into something tasty, delicious, and healthsome. Turning poison into nectar. If the Serpent is the Non Dual Path, then the Peacock is very much the Alchemical/Tantric Path.

Something that I make a big part of my own practice is this very theme. I am bad at self denial. I can binge at it, but over a sustained amount of time, I know my limits. I would have to completely remove all temptation anchorite style, if I am to avoid my vices. Even then, some vices will follow you into the meditation cell.
I am a firm believer that we must all practice from where we stand. We must also proceed from what moves us. What really moves us. You can fake motivation about as well as most men can fake arousal. You can go through the motions, but when it comes to performance, we all know the truth. When you really plumb the depths of what motivates you, it can be sobering. It may not be what you think it is, or even want it to be.
I will give you some unasked for advice: Use it. Whatever it is. Use. It.
We can worry about the purity of our motivations, weather or not we are good people, and that is normal and good. We all need self reflection. But when it comes to getting shit done? Use what works. Whatever your motivation is, your REAL motivation, use it to move you. You can't fake that kind of passion. You can't fake ambition. You can't fake lust, or pride, or Love, or duty, or any of it. Use what you have.
Those things that motivate you are not inherently good or bad, they are only wiring. Powerful emotional wiring. Wiring that enables you to find time, complete practices, rearrange schedules, and otherwise get shit done. Jason has commented in lectures that many pick up artists spend so much time practicing their inner game, they essentially meditated more than most Buddhists he knew! The stories of the Mahasiddhas are full of people going after what moves them, and through practice, achieving Enlightenment.
Motivation is neutral. You can be fueled by a desire for "cash/money/ho's" and still not be a dick about it. Having worldly motivations does not make you in any way a bad person. In fact, if you are not a monastic or a hermit, it enables you to lead the life you are wired to lead, and will be happiest leading. So go after what you want! Just don't be a dick about it, and use some foresight.
True Practice, like the Peacock will turn what can be poisonous, into what cures poison and grants immortality.


Gordon said...

Fantastic post.

I'm 150% behind this. As ever, Jow, loving your work.

Jow said...

Thankyou Gordon! You've been on quite the roll yourself lately!

Pallas Renatus said...

Huh, I never knew the bit about peacocks eating snakes. I love the symbolism.