Saturday, December 25, 2010

Jesus Vs Mithras: Battle for the 25th!

Well not so much of a battle as a random thought or two. Though having them fight in stop motion would be neat! Get on that Robot Chicken!

As a Pagan, it gets brought up a lot that Dec. 25th is OUR holiday, blah blah blah. Especially Mithras’ holiday, though I’ve not run into a single Pagan who worships Mithras. Occasionally there are snide whiney-cakes or gloomy sulky-cakes passed out as the communal meal. An insistence that we have a Merry YULE, and the occasional off color joke.
Honestly, I think the big JC has done great things to the day. Every Dec. 25th people are a little bit nicer. Just a little. We let more shit slide on Christmas, generally. Even if we are pissed off about having to go to eight houses in one night, packing up left overs, getting home late, dealing with our family, having work in the morning, etc, we all cut people a little bit more slack. The collective mind of the West is turned ever so slightly towards a cute baby born in winter who will grow up to be a nice guy, and spend his life helping people.

For making the 25th a day where even in heavy traffic and a late night we can take a deep breath and let shit go, I just want to say: Rock out Jesus, Happy Birthday and thank you.

Mithras you are also awesome. Though most are not quite sure what your cult was all about or where it came from, I just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday. You were born from a rock, and killed a bull in a cave. Men met in your honor and tried to better themselves. For all the things you did in trying to help us primates, I thank you.


Gordon said...

Love it.


Merry Christmas to you and the missus.

Pallas Renatus said...

YES. Thank you for this. This is now my default response to all Christmas-related snarkiness. Cheers!