Monday, November 1, 2010

On the return to normalcy.

Back from RI, safe and sound! Thank you all for you best wishes.

In my head I had planned this strange mix of spiritual retreat and vacation adventure. It turned out to be full of delicious sea food and relaxation. Apparently I needed to actually rest on my vacation.

During this period of sleeping in, eating oysters, and watching Anime, we listened to a lot of Mama Starr's brilliant podcast, and was duly impressed by the whole experience. I also wish I could attend her Traditional Folk Magic Festival in New Orleans this Nov. but as I just got back from vacation, I suppose another one in two weeks might be a bit much.

It was a strange disconnect, doing NO work at all. No meditation, no ritual work, just a simple japa string before bed.. usually. It made me nervous and uneasy in ways I have a hard time explaining. But, it was a good reboot. Patton Oswalt does a bit in his stand up act about how he gets the great idea to go off anti depressants for a bit. Tragic hilarity ensues. Much like the reasoning Brad Warner gives for continuing to sit Zazen: You feel worse when you don't. Thus reaffirming the value of my daily practices. Apparently those things really ARE working! I'll just put a check in the win column there.

A fantastic reboot indeed as it gives a step back from being so constantly, annoyingly, monotonously busy. It was much needed, though it made me squirrely for about a day and a half.

Now the opposite side.. Back to normal, but with perspective to change the useless parts of my normal routine, and a new appreciation of the parts that do work. I've also realized that I've been stuck at maintenance level work for about a year now.. which is silly. That will get a post of its own, because it is so absolutely silly.

In other news: keeping with the theme of purging what doesn't work. My own closet purge has officially started. A good two bags of clothes I have not worn in a while, or that are ratty, tattered, or otherwise.. ah.. no longer age appropriate are now waiting to be donated. Allegedly when I am not in my "going out clothes" I dress as a standard geek boy.. in the 18 - 22 year old range. Going to be 31, time to trade up and look the part.

At the last GOG ritual I was at, Deb was running and I was doing the main invocation, and the theme was sacrifice. One of the things that came out of it was a realization of the economy of sacrifice. You have to give to get, and so started this whole weeding out process. I now look at my half empty closet, and marvel that I had kept so much.. crap. Crap that I hadn't used. Crap that wasn't flattering. Crap that was just.. useless to me.

Here's to returning to a streamlined and improved normalcy.

and happy belated Halloween!

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Purge! Purge! One of us! One of us!