Sunday, October 3, 2010

Crucible Run Down

Gods what a long day. And I say that having not gone to the mixer the night before, or the brunch the day after, which have both been really fun and great for getting contact info and just hanging out. I was working the day before, and allegedly a little hung over the day after.

The first panel was quite fun, though I only saw the first one, attending the "Runes and other Wyrd Things" lecture during the time slot for the second. The Resident Runester was awesome in his lecture, and I learned more about Norse Mysticism and Magic than I had hitherto known. Quite eloquently said as well! The second panel boasted an incredible line up, the Lovely Deb joined Jason and Kenaz on panel along with a special guest appearance by Arthur, Head Mage and founder of Omnimancy.

After Runes was my own lecture, Alchemy: The Art of Life, which was far more well attended than I expected since I ran parallel to Kenaz' Voodoo Money Magic lecture. I actually thanked everyone for showing up, and told them if I didn't have to be here, I'd totally be next door. Lots of note takers and good questions. Everyone seemed to be able to follow my over excited jack Russel terrier like speaking style.

Then came tasty dinner.

I will admit, I missed the next two tracks, as after dinner we spent a lot of time checking in, hauling stuff in from the car, unpacking, and socializing, so much time in fact that doors were closed by the time we got back, so we hit the hotel bar instead of interrupting. After the bar it was time for a nap, as the Crucible lecture tracks ran till about midnight this year, and I was honestly so tired that I would be sleeping through the next lecture or sleeping in my bed. Either way, sleep would be had.

We ended the day by seeing Jason's awesome lecture on the now TEN principles of Strategic Sorcery. I advise anyone who likes his style to see him speak. Even if you are in the course, its a much cooler experience seeing him live.

Then happens the massive socializing after everyone is totally exhausted and on information overload. Seriously, I was pleased that at some point in the night I did not wind up dancing on a coffee table pants-less with a neck tie around my forehead. Which reminds me, I'd also like to give a shout out to the Resident Runester for his households amazing brewing ability. I was drinking artisan quality mead for most of the night, except for a pumpkin pie jello shot made by the Lovely Deb, and a sacramental shot of tequila.

Crucible is always a great time, and I want to say again how all of you should go next year. On one of the panels: Magic and Pop Culture, towards the end one of the questions asked "In what way should we be building our own culture?" and Crucible was given as a good example. Magical culture needs a place where Practitioners from various paths can get together, expose each other to new things (hehe.), and generally bond on being Practitioners as opposed to whatever roles they have in their Religion, Order, or Group. To my knowledge, Crucible is the ONLY con strictly geared towards Practitioners in that way. There are lots of Alternative religious gathers, but for practicing workers of Magic, I can't think of any other. (though I would be glad to hear of more!)

So, next year, if you can, go. It's a good time at a nice hotel with good people.

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The Scribbler said...

Maybe I should start looking for some sort of grant to finance my flight over from Budapest. Sounds like an awesome event.

And pumpkin pie jello shots too!