Thursday, August 5, 2010

On Tinkering

I know I've been a bit quite as of late, so I thought I'd let the assembled Interblag what I was up to.

1. Unpacking and tidying. After any big trip cross country, even in a plane, I am great at packing. I am crap at unpacking. There is something buried deep inside of me that just does not want to put all those little thingies back in their little thingie homes. Also, the week or two after I get back, there is a lot of flailing about house cleaning. Like, I don't want to. Especially if the vacation is more of a "vacation" if you get my drift. So it's taken me a bit.

2. Working more. Obviously to make up for lost time on vaca, but also changing my attitude towards ANY and all work in general. My dad, God rest him, never had a career. He had jobs. Granted when he was coming up your job could be your career. Stay some place long enough and they take care of you. Sadly then the 80's happened and that whole sense of honor and propriety went out the window in exchange for everybody's pensions. My mom was the same till she found the medical field about three or four years ago. The attitude between having a job and a career are totally different.

Having a job is: You punch in, do your work, punch out, go home. Simple, but the effectiveness ranges from moderate to bare minimum, depending. It varies from person to person, and sometimes from day to day with some people.

Having a career is: I built this. This is mine. I WILL make it work. There is a level of loyalty and determination there that just isn't there with a job. If you work at something as if you owned it, you might not work regular hours, but you do your best ALL the time. What's more you strive to make your best, better.

So, I am doing my best to treat Life as my career. As well as everything in it. I must say it's made me terribly productive (except for the unpacking), more confident, and less fatigued.

3. I'm elbow deep in writing two lectures at the moment. One is a beginner's lecture on Alchemy, spanning history and practices, seeing it as a universal Art and Science, not limited to one culture or symbol set. It will be geared to understanding the framework of Alchemy, so that if one chooses to delve further, the basic concepts and view will be established, which will make the data much easier to process.

The other is more workshop than lecture, that I think I'll title: "Using What You Have: Turning Every Day Experiences into Tools for Magical Practice." I am convinced that one can have powerful sorcery and deep meditation practices just based on the very basic experiences of life, which will hopefully roll over into just about anyone's personal practices because these experiences are so basic and so near universal to the human experience.

So, that's me recently. Time to do some housework like it was my career.

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Norma said...

Love the second concept, the everyday practice one. It's very important, and all too often overlooked. That would make a hell of a book. Just sayin'.