Thursday, August 26, 2010

On Lectures and Linchpins

As I peek my head up from my .pdf library for a moment, I just want to say that thanks to Gordon's recommendation I have started reading Linchpin by Seth Godin.

Holy. Shit.

Right now I am just starting chapter 2, so honestly I am all full of piss and vinegar, with little plan of attack. There is something about the way Godin writes that really reveals more of the board so to say. Something in his language and the examples he uses that coaxes you into a perspective where you can totally do that thing he was just talking about!

From someone who grew up as the industrial age was ending, and work, workers, and their rights weren't of as much use to society anymore, just the stuff from the intro to the end of chapter 1 hit a number of cords. Especially since I grew up in a family of Labor types.

It's a book essentially for making money by being awesome at being unapologetically you. So far so good! Thanks Gordon!

The lectures are coming along well, and I now have more time to devote to them post Lammas.

I will have a useful and insightful post for you later this week. Yes, I know it's Thursday. Don't rush me.


Unknown said...

My "Books to Read" list is *huge* at the moment (mostly thanks to bloggers like you, Jason, Kenaz, RO, etc etc), and Linchpin is right up near the top. And I keep hearing reviews like this.

Can't. Wait.

Gordon said...

Hey I only just noticed this post.

Glad you like it.

And you're correct about his style. You can feel yourself getting smarter as you apply his observations to things that have happened to you in the past.

If this were ye olde times I would totes burn him at the stake. :)