Thursday, August 12, 2010

On Isaac's Passing

As many here have written, today passed Archdruid Isaac Bonewits. I only met Isaac twice, really, and sat on a panel with him once. It was an honor. He was kind, knowlagable, and very down to earth. Not at all like I'd expect a man who founded a religion. He did amazing things to legitimize Paganism and Magic in the modern world.

I am honestly unsure of what to say. I'll miss him. I only met him twice and I'll miss him, not just for what he's done for our community, but for who he was as a person.

Rest well Isaac, you've earned it. Thankyou.

To Isaac Bonewits, a thousand cups of mead, a thousand plates of his favorite foods, and the teutalage of a thousand Gods of Wisdom.

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Miss Sugar said...

*Technically* he didn't form a religion, he formed a religious organization as druidry pre-dates Christianity.

I say this with respect as a dues paying ADF member.