Monday, July 12, 2010

On Ride Resolution and Regularly Scheduled Maintanence

Transportation dilemma has officially been solved (through GREAT generosity), and now I am working a bit of over time when I am able to cover the lost time.

The past few days have made me realize how quickly the results of our actions catch up to us, and how something we put off will become necessary in a surprisingly short while.

Moving from my own batch of life drama to something blog relevant: Maintenance.

As a really for reals Magician you should have a maintenance practice. It doesnt have to be the same thing every day, but it should be SOMETHING every day. Honestly, I don't care what. But this falls into the "Keep your weapons sharp"/"Use it or lose it" category.

Doing SOMEthing every day keeps us Magicians/Witches proper as opposed to someone who does Magic every now and again.

Now I ask you, dear readers, what do you use to keep your weapons sharp?


Chadly said...

I'm still trying to develop that, myself. Any ideas? For now I try visualization/meditation(like, once a month, when I remember to), and just trying to be aware of every moment.

Rufus Opus said...

Lately it's been the Arbatel and nightly associated rituals.

My regularly scheduled maintenance is to rise through the spheres, hang with God, and descend, speaking to each of the Intelligences on the way up and down as necessary, all in the Body of Light. I also try to do the Solar Assistant rite, based on the Samekh/Stele of Jehu, at least once a month on a Sunday in a Sun hour.

Lately I've been contemplating the Aphorisms of Hermes too. Good stuff.

I find that a balance of reading the Hermetic core texts and teachings along with some form of contemplation and semi-formal ritual on a weekly basis at a minimum keeps my "tools sharp." I need to start doing some kind of elemental thing too.

Gordon said...

Cleansing in the shower.

Energy work whilst commuting and at least a couple of sigils.

Some visualisation and a bit of a psychic clean up before/in bed.

Huh. It's mostly multi-tasking. What does that say about me?

The Unlikely Mage said...

Breath meditation, pillar and spheres rite from Jason Miller's teachings, and some sort of banishing ritual. I'm trying to fold offerings in as well. Basically the stuff Jason recommends. I'm still new to the practical side of all this but it's been working for me.

Karmaghna said...

My natural inclination is to hone my air dagger in order to carve up some slab of magickal or religious meat. This lop-sided dependence upon one tool has recently led me to recognize my need for a more balanced toolbox (can one build a house with only a saw?). Primarily I am working daily to build my other tools according to the instructions of Franz Bardon.

Suzi said...

I have found mantras and mudras an excellent addition daily to my non-daily practices. I am a huge fan of Regardie - and a little Middle Pillar, etc goes a long way!

Lavanah said...

Grounding, centering, sitting zazen, all done daily, but not all in one session.

Norma said...

Middle pillar and breathing are regular moving toward daily. I also make it a point to briefly talk to the lwa daily 3 weeks in 4 (maybe TMI, but some lwa prefer that a woman on her cycle not interact with them until it has passed).

Witch Mom said...

In my tradition, we have specific alchemical tools to "strengthen the vessel" for the current we carry.

I do those weekly- there are several, and I mix them up. I also try and do a sitting practice similar to Vapassna regularly, although I cannot find the time every day, sadly.

Lily, aka Witch Mom

Layo said...

I either invoke the planet of the day of the week to consecrate a spagyric preparation or homebrew I made for the planet as a libation, or I invoke the Shem ha-Mephorash angel of the quinant as part of an ongoing project.