Wednesday, July 7, 2010

On Meditation and Misfortune

A word on what steady meditation has done for me in light of my recent automotive misfortune. First and formost it allowed me to act from a place of spaciousness, rather than constriction. Panic is the ultimate constriction. You lose control of even your ability to choose what you do next, swept up by factors in yourself and your environment that are all more or less automatic. I had the presence of mind to do everything I needed to and stay safe while doing it. It's also helped me stay centered in the aftermath of unknown financial expense while the figure out what the hell is wrong with my chariot of steel.

What meditation does NOT do is fix things outside of you. Well.. until I become a Mahasiddha and can do all sorts of miracles and whatnot. Cars break, horns honk, and you are still on the side of the road. Meditation, for me, has helped me not freak out about it, realize that it's part of life on the wheel, and give me a calm place to act from which to make things better.

Enlightenment doesn't fix the world, it fixes you, and from there you can help the world be a better place, and help others be rid of some amount of suffering according to your ability. Countless beings have been helped just from that place of clarity and compassion, and that ain't nothin', but you still have to act to make anything better. Not acting is still an action. Meditation helps you act better.

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