Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Lesson of the Week

Not sure if this is particularly Magical, but it is a life lesson, which is its own kind of Magic.

The Lesson of the Week has been: WAKE UP!

I had no idea how comfortable I was in my set patterns, how wasteful I have been with my resources, or how neglectful I have been of forethought.

In a crisis situation, most people like to think of themselves as rock solid, Sly Stallone, Jules from Pulp Fiction. I know I did. And I was fine.. before I found out that I could not afford to fix my car. In fact the repairs were going to be worth more than the car itself was worth.

Hindsight, as they say, is 20/20, and it is increasingly rough to look back and see all the things you COULD have done better when those things that you DID do helped lead you to a place where your livelyhood and the security of your family is threatened.

It's downright terrible. And I know that this is a relatively mild setback as far as life setbacks are concerned. I should be able to get another car soon, today in fact with any luck.

When we, and in this case I am using myself as the prime example, your mileage may vary, get comfortable, it is easy to forget that there may be something just over the horizon that is an emergency. Black Swans if you will. Sometimes those swans bite.

I could not be more grateful to my support structure, notably the lovely Deb, and my Mom, who have helped me ferry this unfamiliar territory.

Being comfortable, and riding high for close to a year I overlooked the simple idea that everything changes. Even good things. It is easy to have hope that a bad situation will eventually end in something good. We like that. Hope for a better life, a better world, keeps us going. But in our modern, western world, for those privilaged enough to be middle class, it's easy to forget that bad things happen, things you must prepare in advance for, because they will be bigger than what you can normally handle.

It's better than good to have a support network in case you come up short. Better than good. It is necessary. It is awesome to rely on yourself, and if you plan better than I have been, you might not need them for anything but moral support. But we at all times need to be able to have all the help we can get in trying, financially life threatening times.

It is easy to live in a happy, shimmery bubble. I didn't want to contemplate the fact that something could happen that I couldn't handle myself. But it did. And here I am.

The fact is that things happen that are Very Bad. Things that will thump you where you live, and hit all your survival buttons. Even good things can do this. Good things, like the now semi recent house purchase put a lot of stress on everyone, and unless you are like Jules from Pulp Fiction, and totally cool like Fonzie, you will need help.

My lesson is Be Awake! and Prepare! Not just for the bad, but for the good too. Being lulled into complacency means you are not consciously changing. You are not consciously acting, and when a good opportunity, or a bad situation comes your way you will be left flat footed.

Be prepared ladies and gentlemen.

That's all I got.


Miss Sugar said...

I still want my entrophy lesson :)

You know what's funny? You got exactly what you asked for from Shiva. $70 for the guy to look at your car. You know the rest.

Jow said...

Exactly what I wanted, completely NOT what I expected, and things are working out. That's Magic, I suppose!

Gordon said...

All swans bite.

They're like geese but prettier. :)

Rufus Opus said...

Sounds familiar. I hope I'm not rubbing off on you.

Some days I really commiserate with Rincewind.