Thursday, June 3, 2010

On God

Since all the cool kids are giving their views on the Big G, I thought I might as well chime in. Specifically though it is because Gordon tagged me in a very general way over the internet. Challenge accepted, sir.

God is very big, big, concept. I don't have anything that is concrete, well thought out, and arguable philosophically. I do have what I have experienced as true, and that is just one mans grope of the elephant, here.

I generally side with Hermetic Philosophy here that God is the All, The One, The Good, and as such I tend to jive really well with Sufi thought.

The All: The All is the All. Everything transcending duality and description, including all concepts, manifestations, contradictions, and shit we have not thought of, or are incapable of thinking of. All Mind, All Matter, All of it. All.

The One: Sublime Unity in its Allness. My body is made of many bits, that are made of smaller bits (cells), and smaller bits (organelles), and smaller bits (amino acids), and smaller bits (molecules), and smaller bits (atoms), and smaller bits... etc. The Infinite Zoom In sees me as One person being made of lots of stuff. I as a person manifest as this body made of these components. I am a Living System of Living Mind and Matter. God also, to me, is a much bigger system of Mind and Matter.

The Good: That which strives for Benifit. No conscious being will intentionally act against it's own view of the greatest good in a situation unless forced or tricked. All conscious beings move towards some Good. Be it surviving to breed and carry on the genetic imperative, or trying to end the suffering of all Sentient Beings.

One of the things that really helps form my view of God is a passage from Poimandres of the Corpus Hermeticum: "Know that your mind is the self same with the Mind of God. " That is my paraphrase based on translation of course, but the theme still holds. My Mind is united with the most Subtle bit of manifest Godliness, the Divine Mind. I take part in that reality. I am focused here, but I am also present there, weather I notice it or not. All Minds are Manifestations of the One Mind, just like all Bodies are manifestations of the One Thing. All Minds are made of Mind, and all Matter is made of Matter.

I don't see God as very relate-able, honestly. It isn't something to bargain with, talk to, please, offend, or deal with as another separate being. It IS Being. totally immanent, and totally transcendent. It isn't a separate being at all. It is so intimately woven into your body and mind and everything in between that all you can do is experience it.

I guess I view God as the Conscious fabric of reality. Consciousness itself manifesting itself in a myriad of ways for the sake of experience. Being turning into Becoming, because that is its nature, but yet still remaining Being.

Like the Buddhists say, an explanation is like a finger pointed at the moon. Philosophy tends to focus on the finger, and spiritual practice actually seeing the moon, even if it has to cut off the finger blocking its view.


Rufus Opus said...

One point about relate-able... Seems like you're defining "relationship" as the ability to negotiate. Most human relationships are, at a fundamental level, negotiations. "I'll treat you nice in these areas of our shared existence and call it love in exchange for your treatment of me in areas of our shared existence that match my criteria for "love;" subject to change."

The thing about being a Hermeticist is that I've accepted the emanation concept, and see the whole hierarchy as an extended family tree. Family relationships aren't based on negotiations. We don't get to choose who we're born to, consciously, or who else gets born into the tree, but there's a bond of family that transcends the negotiations of friendships and love that we have with those we meet outside the family.

Granted, egregious violations of trust and instances of abuse can result in severing limbs of the tree, leaving them to wither and be cast into the fire when it comes to family.

But that's the closest analogy I can identify for the relationship with God. I have spoken with him, and talked, hung out, and been close to him the way I have with my own earthly Father. It's cool. There's an aspect that is beyond relationship, and that's just the nature of it, but even that aspect emits a sense of well-meaning intense ... love. "Information wants to be free" is sort of a facet of that intentional well-meaning emanation from the un-relatable all-thing that I refer to as love. It wants to be free, to be expressed into you, and received by you. It wants to be experienced, gnosised. That's the relationship you can have with it, and it's fulfilling in ways that words aren't adequate to express.

Gordon said...

Wow, RO... What an awesome comment. I like the family tree thing. It shook some things loose in my head.

This after a really fascinating post. Book. Marked.