Thursday, June 10, 2010

Father Francis Tiso on The Rainbow Body and The Ressurection

A great talk by Father Francis Tiso, a Catholic Priest, who was called to research the phenomenon of the Rainbow Body in Vajrayana and Bon. The information you can dig up elsewhere with some elbow grease, but his presentation and conclusions about the Rainbow Body and the phenomenon of the Resurrection of Jesus are totally worth a listen. What I find really interesting is that he is a Catholic, and Catholic Theology has tended towards a focus on a Redemptive Crucifixion. To me, it would be no big if he were of the Orthodox persuasion, as the Orthodox tend to a focus on the Transfiguration and Resurrection.

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EDIT: I was surprised because he was a Catholic due to my own very conditioned experiences in Catholicism. I had always chosen the most conservetive, ultra dogmatic and ultra orthodox view, while I was a Catholic, and paid little heed to what people were really doing "on the ground." Those who are really involved in the modern contemplative movement wouldn't be surprised at all.

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Frater ID said...

Wow thanks for posting. Sounds great. I remember stumbling across this in reading briefly years ago and wanted to learn more about it.