Monday, May 17, 2010

A Window in to Our Home

Deb: "What ya doin?"

Jow: "Writin'"

Deb: "What ya writin'?"

Jow: "Just something to focus me in the morning. Something to get me motivated, like an affermation to start the day, and fill me with good stuff like comp-"

Deb: "-Rage."

Jow: "-assion. No, baby the opposite of that."

Deb: "No! You should get all.." She then procedes to make Godzilla-esque arm movements and roar quietly.

Jow: "So be all: 'RAR RAR! TAKE THAT TOKYO! RAR RAR!'"

Deb: "Yes! That should be your new mantra! With the arm movements and the stomping!"

Together: "RAR RAR! TAKE THAT TOKYO! RAR RAR!" *complete with stompy dance*


Frater POS said...

Grin...Deb sounds like someone I used to live with.

Miss Sugar said...

And when you *really* get good, you can move onto Mothra's sonic scream!